Spanish/French Items in Roosevelt Campaign Need Transcribing or Review

In the part of the Roosevelt Campaign that I've been working on recently, I've run across a number of pages in Spanish or French that need transcribing or review. I know that some of you enjoy working on these, so here they are:

Theodore Roosevelt Papers: Series 1: Letters and Related Material, 1759-1919; 1906, July 9-Aug. 13

French: mss382990066-705-706, 724-725, 729-732

Spanish: mss382990066--647 thru -651 [NOTE: I have already transcribed these but I can't find a foreign keyboard that works for me.  While reviewing you will need to add tildes and accents. A few of them have been added by someone else.]

I hope I've made this clear. Let me know if you have questions.

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  • When I checked the page an hour later after Diane said her work was undone, the whole article was there as if someone had re-transcribed the article. What would help is when someone lists a page that needs help and someone says they will work on it that everyone else on History Hub leave it alone.

  • Hi all…

    the following page in the document list has the rest of the article. It is transcribed incorrectly but locked as complete.

    Maybe it could be reopened for editing???

  • Thanks, Diane, for pointing out where the rest of the article is.


  • Hi, Henry; Thank you for thinking of me/remembering me.

    I actually have done almost no work on By The People/Crowd since I last posted here, and was wondering when/if I would be "getting back to" the bilingual English/Spanish tariff agreement or to the French-language magazine-article proofs (because I think I figured out where the corrections should go... but I did not "get back".

    I have looked this afternoon at the page you mentioned, Henry -- as well as the page before it.

    I'm glad that you (or someone) discovered that the writer was a man identified as having been born in and grown up in France known as "Philippe Bunau-Varilla" who was very involved with various aspects of getting the Panama Canal built (including engineering Panama's independence from Colombia to make the completion of the Canal more politically-possible) -- and Tagged for him in connection to the page that you (Henry) mentioned.

    There are no gaps in the current transcription of the page that you (Henry) mentioned (nor in the previous page, and not much which needs "correcting" in either page.

    (I am mentioning both pages because while the previous page is "Completed" and the page mentioned here is not, both are part of the same letter by the same man and therefore have similar problems -- and because the previous page is shown with page numbered "2" to the left of the beginning of the letter, and with its page number somehow read and transcribed (incorrectly) as "3" (page "3" is the left-hand part of the page you mentioned, Henry). )

    The main (minor) problem with Bunau-Varilla's writing in French (and the reason I didn't call him "a Frenchman" is that for some reason, his accenting of words/placing of diacritical marks is inconsistent -- and the accents are not always there in the text where they "should" be (I think that one was added thanks to spell-checking which isn't in the scanned page [Shrug]).

    I will try to review the page mentioned here today again, revise the transcription, and Submit it for Review by tomorrow at 9 AM Eastern Time; I would like the previous page to be "un-Completed" -- if only to revise page number "3" to page number "2". (I will write directly to CROWD if no one responds here to my request concerning the previous page).

    Thanks again, Henry (although I hope that Mr. Cassaing (?) can also help with French-language pages in the Roosevelt Papers (and that I have not angered him and driven him away from this Forum and/or from working with By The People/Crowd ).

    Be Well, everyone here.

    Ethan in New York City/"Ethan From Bellmore".

  • Thanks Ethan. If you want the other page opened email with a link to the page you want opened.


  • I'll try to do that -- to write concerning the mistaken transcription of page number "2" as "3", and concerning the question of whether the transcription should be rearranged so that the page "2" content should follow the text of the beginning of the letter in the transcription even though the page "2" content appears to the left of the text of the beginning of the letter.

    (I have Submitted for Review my revision (in which accents and punctuation have been removed by me more than once when they are not seen in the image) of the page you (Henry) mentioned today (February 24th). )

    Be Well.


  • Hi Ethan- they want us transcribing the left page first regardless of the order of the documents.


  • I often see this done in error, but transcription should be in the order it appears on image, not reordered to follow the logical order of writer’s text. So — if 3 is on left and 2 on right, 3 would appear before 2 in transcription.

  • Reply to Henry (Rosenberg) and Diane (Estes):

    Thanks for your reply posts of this morning (February 25th) ; I received an email message (a bit over 1 hour later -- but I didn't see any of these messages before afternoon Eastern Time) from Community Manager Abby Shelton stating that she had "reopened" the previous page (page 657) -- and had revised the erroneous page number "3" to 2" (for which I thank her). (I think she also made a good revision in a "marginal note", too -- although she said nothing about that revision. )

    I do not like transcribing in a way which does not reflect the order of construction and/or order of reading of a document (in the right side of page 657, I don't like that the handwritten page number and "Washington D C. and date" need to come before the marginal note which comes before the hotel letterhead (which I would have placed before the entire handwritten letter, I think -- and possibly below the marginal note) -- with the body of the letter *below* all of the elements listed above (and page "2"'s content before *all of this*), but I am yielding to what you (Henry and Diane) have said -- and what Ms. Shelton (Abby) has told me.

    I have done what I could with page "2" 's text (not much to do, but I added a left-out word ("en") , revised 1 initial letter from "r" to "s" in a French word ("reducteur" to "seducteur", removed 1 accent not in the scan, and transcribed an initial "E" in 1 word (spelled elsewhere in the same page with an initial "e" [Sigh]) as "E" rather than "e" (where I see the capital form in the scan); I'll do what I can with page "1" -- probably within the next 24 hours).

    Best Wishes for the weekend to everyone who will read this today or during this coming weekend.

    Ethan Kent/"EthanFromBellmore".

    PS: I have reviewed "page 1" and finished revising its transcription (and Submitted it for Review); there was little to revise (perhaps most-consequentially, I supplied a comma which had been overlooked; I also capitalized an iniiial "C" in 1 occurrence of "Canal" -- although Mr. Bunau-Varilla spelled that initial letter with various heights in the letter, and I'm not 100 percent sure when he intended the word to be read as "Canal" and when as "canal". (The letter -- again -- is about plans for construction for the Panama Canal.)

    Best Wishes (again) for the weekend.

    E. K./Ethan.