What does "in Progress" mean?

When a document's transcription is "in progress" can others work on it?

  • Hi Jim,

    Great question! You should feel free to jump in and work on anything marked "in progress." Those documents have been saved but not submitted for review. Usually that's because a volunteer hasn't been able to complete the transcription for some reason-maybe they ran out of time, lost interest, or had a hard time working out the hand-writing. Or sometimes someone has completed a transcription but they had to leave a lot of question marks and so are leaving it for other volunteers to pick up and complete. It's a feature that allows volunteers to save the work they've done but without having to submit it for final review.

    Hope that helps!


    By the People Community Manager

  • Dear Abby,

    I'm new here and still learning about the process. I had edited some pages of a document and recently realized that I could access previous pages of the same document. Two of the pages I'm interested in are marked "in progress", with the standard note on the top "Someone started this ... can you finish it?" I cannot edit it -- the only options are "save" and "submit for review". From your answer above, I understand that someone else may be working on this; but that another person can also work on it. Should I move on to something else? Should I save it -- will it be accessible then? Thanks for your help!

  • Hi there,

    For an "In Progress" page, you should be able to click right into the transcription box and start typing. You can then use the "save" button to save your work and the "submit for review" to move it into the review queue when finished.

    If someone else is already working on the page, you will see a pop-up appear as soon as you arrive on that page that another volunteer is currently transcribing. Only one volunteer can work on a page at a time so you won't be to make any changes to an occupied page until the other volunteers moves on. If you come across a page where you see the "someone else is transcribing" pop-up appear, it's best to move onto another. 

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!