New projects in January or Febuary?

I am looking for who or what we are transcribing in January or February, I have not gotten any notifications telling us what we will transcribe next

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  • Doreen: All I have done in the Clara Barton "campaign" page (21) with the tabular format was transcribe the leftmost column's contents (most of which are in French and are French names for articles of clothing -- including skirts and gloves, but 2 'cells"/"fields" contain other French-language material (as I recall) -- including a reference to a "Comité de secours" ("Committee of Aid", or "Help Committee") which another page in the batch in which page 204 is found reveals was "Strasbourgeois" (of the city known to the French as "Strasbourg", but to the Germans who gained possession of it in the Franco-Prussian war as "Strassburg" (I believe that I have provided *that* page's number in a Tag).

    I won't be doing any more work on page 204, I think (I wish to note that some of he content appears "sideways"/perpendicular relative to the orientation of most of he content).

    Ethan ("EthanFromBellmore").

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