New projects in January or Febuary?

I am looking for who or what we are transcribing in January or February, I have not gotten any notifications telling us what we will transcribe next

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  • Hello, Henry (Rosenberg) ; Hello to Ms. (Doreen) Hurley .

    I had some major difficulty with deciphering page "204"; as for page "21", I am not planning to work on it tonight -- partly because it really isn't easy to transcribe a "chart" or "table" with over 10 rows and columns within a given space (although if I were able to concentrate on it and did not have the problem of listing all the columns, I could most-probably decipher the French-language items in the left-most column. (I will Tag for "French-language text" as well as "English-language text"; at least 1 date at the top seems to be in English (I see "January", and not "janvier" [Shrug] .)

    I will merely agree that it is true that some scanned texts are harder to decipher (often due to faintness of the text and/or an unfamiliar language and/or abbreviations) than others, and that charts/tables with many vertical columns can be very hard to transcribe (if not impossible) within a limited space; I will also add the corollary that basic knowledge of English-language cursive handwriting from within the past century is often not enough to decipher and transcribe every scan that I have seen at CROWD/"By The People" (so please don't think that the "You've got this!" that you see means that difficulties with deciphering and/or transcribing are "just my fault": that text is meant to be encouraging, but it isn't actually true for every transcriber for every text which is presented ["Sigh"] .

    Ethan W. Kent ("EthanFromBellmore" at the National Archives Catalog, "CROWD"/"By The People", and History Hub) .

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