Hi all,

To round out Poetry Month (April) we're proposing a Walt Whitman challenge! Read more about it on the Library of Congress Poetry and Literature blog.

As part of this challenge we're joining with colleagues from the Learning and Innovation Office at the Library and the National Council of Teachers of English. Join us Friday, May 1 for a review-a-thon webinar geared towards educators to learn more about using By the People in their classrooms (virtual or in-person!) and Whitman primary sources such as his drafts and the printed journals where his works often appeared before he gathered them together in Leaves of Grass.

We won't be making daily updates on progress here as we normally do for challenges, but as of 11am on April 30, 2020 1,246 pages in the Poetry project still need to be reviewed. Once these are all reviewed we can bring all of the almost 4,000 Whitman pages back to the Library's main website where they'll enhance search and accessibility.

Thanks for your help!

Victoria and the By the People team