We are thrilled to release some big updates to two existing features today: our How-To Guide and Quick Tips. We hope these changes will better onboard new volunteers and help all transcribers as you encounter new campaigns and tricky pages.

Access How-To instructions while you transcribe

The thorough instructions you’re used to finding on our How-To's are now available as you transcribe. Just click on the blue How-To tab on the right side of any transcription page to slide out the guide and find our detailed instructions on transcribing, reviewing, and tagging. We've also added some additional organization to help you find what you're looking for.

The new "About this Campaign" section of the guide also puts the full campaign and project descriptions and helpful links at your fingertips.

You can still access the How-To webpages you're used to from anywhere in our site using the top navigation. 

Campaign Quick Tips

We've moved Quick Tips above the transcription box and made it more useful. Click it to open a tutorial with brief context and help for the specific campaign you are transcribing. Quick Tips will automatically open the first time you enter a new campaign.

Way to go Concordia team!

Huge thanks to the Library’s developers and UX team that designed and implemented these changes to Concordia, the platform that powers crowd.loc.gov. We are grateful for all the thought and work they put into visible improvements like these as well as keeping the proverbial transcription lights on every day!