To celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth 2021, we've just released over 11,000 brand new pages for transcription into our popular "Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents" campaign. This is our 3rd (and final) release into Herencia, so jump on in while you still can! You can navigate directly to the new material at the following links:

  1. Briefs: Agreements, Debts and Obligations, 18th-19th Centuries
  2. Briefs: Wills, Trusts, Inheritances and Gifts, 18th-19th Centuries
  3. Briefs: Other Civil Disputes
  4. Miscellaneous

Join the hundreds of other volunteers who have already made Herencia a runaway success!

As a reminder, the materials are in Spanish, Latin and Catalan. While foreign language skills are helpful, you do not need to read or speak Spanish, Latin, or Catalan to participate.

Please check out our helpful guides for transcribing Spanish and Latin on our resources page. Happy transcribing!

black and white image of woodcut lion from the Herencia campaign