We're challenging volunteers to complete the Walt Whitman campaign by the end of June! Help us review the remaining ~4,000 transcriptions

To participate in this challenge, make sure you've registered for a free user account. Only registered volunteers can review transcriptions and mark pages as complete. Once you're registered, visit the Whitman campaign page and filter to all pages that need review. Then dig a little deeper to find something that interests you! Check that the transcription is accurate and complete, then hit "accept." If you need to make changes, select "edit", make your corrections, then select "save" and "submit for review." 

Each week we'll update campaign statistics so you can track our progress. In the five-year history of this campaign, over 3,400 registered volunteers and countless anonymous transcribers have worked on Walt Whitman's papers. A big thanks to each and every one of you! 

Whitman Challenge Progress

Date Pages Completed/Week Transcriptions Saved/Week Review Actions/Week  Pages Remaining 
5/30-6/5/2024 291 730 586 3,837
6/6-6/12/2024 178 672 466 3,662