Seeking old court records

I am trying to request old court records through NARA's online records request system.  My dilemma is that I am having trouble locating the box and transfer numbers.  NARA's NATF 91 or NATF 92 form states that the box and transfer numbers are needed to fill out the NATF form and can be located at the court that the cases were filed in. I am told by the local courts that the information no longer exist due to the case files being destroyed.  In addition, the local courts do not offer access to minute or order books, so I am unable to obtain any information via those forms of records.  On previous occasions, NARA staff have been able to retrieve the transfer and box numbers themselves or they will stress that information such as box and transfer numbers must me located through the courts. Currently I am unsure as to how to retrieve the box and transfer numbers. Any suggestions are highly appreciated.