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  • How can I get back to that page I saved to finish transcribing it?

    If I start transcribing a page and can't finish the page at that time, how can I get back to that page if I save it?
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    last modified by Karen Ohlsten
  • Seeking records of USS Samuel Chase landing craft

    Hi, During a walk I discovered a landing craft in the UK going by the designation PA26-25. Some research led me to discover it, assuming the numbers are correct,  was assigned to the USS Samuel Chase. Reading the...
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    last modified by Josh Barry
  • Trying to Track African American Families

    Does anyone have any success on tracking specific African American family names back to slavery in the United States? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction. I seem to find a lot of talking of records but c...
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    last modified by Sarah Topolski
  • Seeking my OMPF

    I am looking for my OMPF. How do I review my military records?
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    last modified by Nita Ortiz
  • Records of the Lost: Looking at the Records of Flight 19

    There are few events in U. S. history that spark the imagination to “what happened” than the disappearance of Flight 19 on December 5, 1945. In brief, for those unfamiliar with the story, Flight 19 was a t...
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    last modified by Nathaniel Patch
  • Seeking WWII Army Processing Center near Brooklyn

    Hi all! I'm writing a story that takes place during WWII. The character lives in Brooklyn, NY and enlists in the Army shortly after Pearl Harbor. I was wondering where the nearest processing center would be. I've look...
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    last modified by Krysta Moyes
  • Seeking information about World War II induction centers

    Hi!  I was wondering if anyone had information on Army induction centers during World War II.  I've found some stuff online, but it's written in a way I don't understand. I'm doing research for a story I'm w...
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    last modified by Krysta Moyes
  • How to submit transcribed material?

    Hello.  I am an amateur researcher of and writer about antebellum American politics.  For my own purposes, I recently digitally transcribed the New York Tribune's printing of Jefferson Davis' speech to the 1...
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    last modified by Woodrow Major
  • Seeking interference case files & patent prosecution files from 1920s

    Hi everyone. I'm researching the history of green screens/compositing and I've found what may be the first patents filed for green screen like technology! I found some interesting references to a patent interference c...
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    last modified by Noah Orozco
  • Seeking records for Ethel (Rasnic) Lovelady 1915 - 1975

    I am seeking all records pertaining to Potawatomi Indian ancestory near Forest City, MO and Topeka, KS between the years of 1915 - 1975 in relation to Ethel (Rasnic) Lovelady.
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    last modified by A W
  • Land Claims American State Papers

    I am looking for supporting documents for the land claims in St Tammany Parish for William Brockham established by settlement 1810 and John Evans established by settlement 1812. These claims were on land West of the P...
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    last modified by Dana Easley
  • Seeking military records of Charles Illtyd Herriotts

    I am looking for info about my uncle, Charles Illtyd Herriotts who served in the Marines. He had many awards and memorabilia and would like to find a relative of his wife who may have them. My grandson is a Marine as ...
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    last modified by Shari LaBar
  • Seeking information my aunt, a women code breaker

    I think my aunt was a code breaker during WWII.  She was very secretive about her activities.  Where can I find information about her?
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    last modified by Jean Dietrich
  • RG 338 - Records of the Fifth Army, 1959-1978

    Hello, I need help looking for any "Organization and Allowance files 207-03" in Record Group 338: Records of the Fifth Army, 1959-1978 [NAID 16747778]. Thanks
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    last modified by Elliot Schneider
  • Seeking chart for St Louis Lambert Airport

    I’m looking for a copy of the Sectional Aeronautical Chart for St. Louis Lambert Airport and area circa 1983? Any thoughts on where I can find this?
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    last modified by Jane Miceli
  • Seeking Post Office mail routes

    I am looking for US Post Office mail routes for 1900-1960 time period for Pulaski County, Kentucky.
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    last modified by teressa sturgeon
  • Seeking documentation why Gerald White received two awards

    My father, Gerald Oliver White received the Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) and an Air Medal. He flew in the CBI Theater. Can you tell me why he received it and any other information relevant to this award?
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    last modified by Charles White
  • Content of Declaratory Statements (DS)

    I'm interested in knowing exactly what would have been contained in a DS. Would it have included date of entry or settlement, for example?   I'm particularly interested in patents obtained on the former Osage Di...
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    last modified by Ian Feavearyear
  • Seeking history of 2244 Washington Street, Denver, CO

    Hello,  Looking for history on this address and haven't been able to come up with anything or any names associated with it so I can refer back to the census.
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    last modified by Megan Douglas
  • Researching the History of your Property

    Searching for the history of your home can be a quick project or may take many days and research trips to various historical repositories.  The first place you should start is with the County Assessor's office. T...
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    last modified by Marene Baker