• Translating documents into English

    This issue was mentioned in another thread, but I am bringing it up as its own thread so it can be seen by all (not just the people following the other thread).   It was mentioned that translations into English ...
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  • Events and opportunities to connect

    Hello all,   The By the People team is co-hosting an in person transcribathon at the Van Ness branch of the DC Public Library on Thursday February 21st from 5 to 7pm. Read more here! https://www.dclibrary.org/n...
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  • searching census data

    I want to know how to search census data using variables such as location, race, sex, etc.  I don't have a name to look up.  I want a list of names that fit certain criteria.
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  • Seeking Armenian children in American orphanages

    How can I get the names of Armenian children, survivors of genocide, placed in US orphanages in the territory of Armenia? The orphanages were established by US government in three cities: Yerevan, Leninakan (Gyumri), ...
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  • D.C. freedom suit + antebellum DC prison/police records?

    Researching a D.C. freedom suit where the petitioner was imprisoned in a Washington jail after the verdict went against them. Any knowledge about antebellum DC prison/police records?   Also would welcome any sec...
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  • looking for deck logs of USS ROARK (DE-1053) for 1971 & 1972

    I served aboard The destroyer escort USS ROARK DE 1053 from 1969 to 1972. I am interested in finding the deck logs for they years 1971 and 1972 the two years we made WESTPAC cruises
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  • Requesting military record of USMC vet from 1955

    Greetings!   How can I, a non american citizen, request military record of a USMC veteran discharged in 1955? I´m doing research of the USMC veteran Tu'umamao Tuiolosega Jr. He founded a Martial Art called...
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  • CW Vet Great Uncle's Burial Site

    My great uncle Thomas Cashman was a 100 day Civil War soldier from Massachusetts.  I want to see that his grave is marked with a wreath next Christmas, but I can't locate it. Do you know whether the government ha...
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  • How would I go about learning where my uncle was in WWII.  Army, 163rd Regiment 41st Division Anti-tank Compant?

    How do I go about learning where my uncle was located during WWII.  I do know he was in the Asian .Pacific Theater, he was in the 163rd Regiment, The 41st Division and an Anti-tank company.  1942-1945.
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  • Seeking incident log for 68th Explosive Ordnance Detachment (EOD) in Ravenna, OH in 1973?

    I was assigned to the 68th EOD in Ravenna Ohio in 1973 and I am looking for information concerning incident that I was involved in that year. How do I find the Incident log for that unit and that year?   Our uni...
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  • Which US Army was in the Philippines immediately after World War II?

    My father was in the Philippines from end of Sep 1945 through March 1946. I have some photographs of his from that time period. Would love to post them somewhere to see if anyone recognizes the other people, as none o...
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  • Need morning reports & flight manifest for the EC-121 radar planes during Vietnam War & activities of 669th AEW&C.

    Searching for military records pertaining to the morning reports and flight manifest for the EC-121 radar planes during the Vietnam war. Also about the activities of the 669th AEW&C.   My father, T/Sgt Raymo...
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  • Seeking list of my dad unit citations and awards

    This is all new to me I am trying to get a list of all of my dad unit citations and awards not listed on the paper from the NPRC. My dad was in Korea and Vietnam. He earned a bronze star but it is not listed in his DD...
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  • WPA photos

    Are WPA photos available for public use without a charge/restriction?  Would like to use photos in creating a genealogy brochure.
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  • where do you find records of time spent in Army reserves

    I am trying to locate records of my time spent as an RN in the Army reserves. Where do I begin my search? I have my DD214 from my active duty time. I am only interested in my reserve records at this time.
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  • Transcribing Charts

    Is there any way to rotate charts in order to transcribe them?  What are some suggestions?
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  • How can I obtain a picture of Captain Thurston Eskelin, whose grave I adopted at the American cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands. I did find his family, but they unfortunately have no pictures and hardly any information about Thurston.

    I would really like to know who Thurston Eskelin was and how he looked like. 
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  • where can I find World War II Battlefield Surgery photos for use?

    looking for photos of battlefield surgery for a project. Would like to reproduce on website and possibly a book cover.
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  • Navy involvement in Cuban Crisis

    Regarding the Cuban Crisis in the fall of 1962 and the location of US Aircraft Carriers.  Ms. Rebecca Collier identified the location of the USS Bonne Homme Richard CVA 31 as being  deployed NW of Japan. Loo...
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  • Seeking location of executed Civil War soldiers' graves

    Seeking location of graves of executed Civil War soldiers. Trying to find anonymous graves from two double executions in Virginia (Union deserters), likely buried with shackles still on, in Nov 1863 and Jan 1865. Woul...
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