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  • Seeking records of Civilian Conservation Corps in Mt. Pleasant

    I am seeking a list of enrollees and membership lists of those who served in the CCC in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, 1939-1942?
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    last modified by Bruce Lubeck
  • Should I request a Certificate of Naturalization or Non-existence?

    Hi! My Italian grandfather although married and lived in Brazil for a while. I'm Australian and was turned back as I need this certificate but have been struggling on where to find this! Are you able to leading me the...
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    last modified by Dawson Hunter
  • Seeking the location of Falaise Gap

    I am typing a WWII memoir which has this phrase about G.I.s in France in 1944: "They liked the news about the Falaise gap and the captured Germans and tanks." What is the Falaise Gap?
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    last modified by Nikki Schofield
  • Seeking final burial place of Christian Feil

    Christian Feil served in the 147th NY infantry, Co B, was buried in a field after being killed at the North Anna River on May 25, 1864. Was he moved to a National Cemetery and if so which one? How can I find answers t...
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    last modified by Darlene Sarver
  • Revolutionary War ancestor

    Hello, I have been researching a burial place for my Rev War ancestor. I visited the county where he died, but could not find any records at the courthouse or the genealogy section of the library. I was able to view ...
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    last modified by Mary B Walberg
  • US Marine Corps Amphibious Tractor School Graduate list

    HI, Can anyone lead me to  a foreign student graduate list from the USMC Amtrac School from the period of 1950- 1985, specifically students from the Philippines? thank you
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    last modified by Jeffrey Pizarro
  • Seeking Military info on Fred A Johnson 1918

    Hello, I have found the June 1917 OKC Draft Card and was SHOCKED to find a card from the VA Master Index for Fred A Johnson. You see, Fred A Johnson was an alias for my greatgrandather, Dave Sanders. It appears he enl...
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    last modified by Valarie Davies
  • Seeking death certificate of Margaret Dunn

    Margaret Dunn was laid to rest in Calvary Cemetery in New York on December 1, 1910.  However, I cannot find her death certificate in the NYC Archives.  If she did not die in New York, how might I find her de...
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    last modified by Joseph Colford
  • seeking B-29 plane crash report for Garth Doyle 1947?

    My great great Uncle Garth Doyle crashed and died in a B-29 after WWII and I am hoping to find a report on what happened. Thank You!
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    last modified by Glenda Gray
  • Seeking records of grandfather, a WWI veteran

    I am seeking any legal documents (birth certificate from Ontario, Canada) and other information including his naturalization papers for my grandfather who passed away in 1970 in Flint, Michigan. I have his death certi...
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    last modified by David Smith
  • Emergency dd-214 requests are not working online. Please help?

    My father passed away and I'm in desperate need to get his separation papers or at least some proof he is a Veteran.  He was drafted for both WWII and served in the Korean war. Please advise.
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    last modified by Maritza Agosto
  • Seeking military records for my uncle, James M. Spirk

    I am looking for the military records for my Uncle, James M. Spirk, for WWII.  He told us he was a gunner on the B52 bombers. He was from Denver, CO. Thank you, Julie Spirk Folkerts
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    last modified by Julie Folkerts
  • How to determine if relatives declared Polish citizenship after they settled in the US

    I am trying to find out if my great grandparent declared Polish citizenship after they settled in the USA.  Someone suggested that I try the Polish consulate but they told me that they do not provide that kind of...
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    last modified by Chris Lapczynski
  • Seeking American Peace Corps records

    Peace Corps records do not seem to be well-kept and organized, not at all like military records and other government records. The Peace Corps office seems not to have the staff to "dig" into whatever files there are. ...
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    last modified by William Allen
  • Seeking military records of Joseph Smith & 122nd Pa. Infantry

    I am looking for any information on Joseph Smith, who served with the Pennsylvania 122nd Infantry from 1860-1865. He took part in the battle at Gettysburg, later wounded at Cold Harbor, VA. His name is on the PA state...
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    last modified by Bryan Elbell
  • Seeking grandparents of Jeremiah Revels and Keziah Tucker

    The family tree has been DNA tested as E-M2 and I cannot find my ancestors beyond Jeremiah Revels and his wife is Keziah Tucker. Jeremiah Revels was murdered in 1841 in Georgia. Who are my grandparents above Jeremiah ...
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    last modified by Teresa Skaryd
  • Seeking Records of 4189th Labor Service Group

    I am looking for information on the 4189th Polish Labor Service Group protecting US Forces Installation around USAREUR headquarters in Germany circa 1950's.  My father, Joe Kunzmann Sr, was a member of the organi...
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    last modified by Juergen kunzmann
  • What is the history of my current residence?

    I recently moved into a house with my husband and son, as well as my best friend and her 4 month old baby boy and our dog. I am not sure how to go about researching the history of the property. We are renting, so I do...
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    last modified by chantel jenks
  • Seeking passenger list from Cobh to New York City

    Where can I find passenger list for May 6,1953  from Cobh, Ireland to NYC? Specifically, I am looking for my parents and 2 sisters (Richard, Maureen, Helena and Bridget Power) who traveled at that time.
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    last modified by Kathleen Fox
  • Seeking records of Quebec Civil Defense

    My father has in his records a white armband with blue letters -- CPC. He claims that he served with the Quebec Civil Defense patrolling the Plains of Abraham during the war. Is this armband connected with that servic...
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    last modified by Reg Brehaut