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  • Seeking records of Company 48

    I have a picture of my father in front of a WWI barracks with "48 Co." displayed.  Any information is appreciated. Sorry, I finally found the pic and the company is 48 not 45.  Thanks for all the help and I ...
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    last modified by Judy Sprouse
  • Seeking government call sign listings

    I am seeking call sign listings for government facilities (ships, aircraft, ground stations, etc.) during the period following 1931.  The Commerce Department issued the annual publication "Commercial and Governme...
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    last modified by Bryan Fisher
  • Seeking historical background of U.S. Constitution

    Seeking historical background that helped create the U.S. Constitution during the mid-eighteen century?
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    last modified by dalefukino
  • Seeking military marker for my father

    I have tried to obtain a military marker for my Father 2 times without success. He was in WWII. I need someone to help me obtain the marker. He was wounded in Germany, came home 100% disabled. His disability was re-cl...
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    last modified by Linda Wooten
  • Seeking transfer of real property by HUD

    I am looking for a copy of a deed accepted by Federal Housing Commissioner, Robert F. Hollister, on 12 June 1967.  Also signed by a representative of the Arizona Land Trust and Trust Company, a corporation, as Tr...
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    last modified by Connie Griffin
  • Seeking dimensional drawings of ammunition chests

    I am seeking dimensional drawings of ammunition chests of late American Civil War Artillery pieces, primarily 20 pound parrotts, 30 pound parrots, 4.5 inch ordnance rifles. How do I find this information?
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    last modified by Ted Hadden
  • Seeking image south of ADI-12-768

    I am seeking the images for Shelby county Tennessee (, specifically image identifier ADI-12-768 (actually two blocks below (south) of that, but the block I'm looking at is not...
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    last modified by M L Campbell
  • Seeking ship Charles Seawright served on

    We are currently trying to discover the name of the ship our father, Charles William Seawright, served on during World War ii. We have searched several places and have not been able to locate information. This is an i...
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    last modified by Eve Seawright
  • Seeking passenger list from China to San Francisco

    Hello, I'm afraid I have a complex request for assistance due to lack of information. My great-grandfather was a coolie who immigrated to Hong Kong, China from Callao, Peru in 1873. I read that many ships from China s...
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    last modified by Catherine Ambush
  • Seeking records of John Barker who worked on East River Bridge

    Does anyone know of available records of the immigration of English / European 'visitors' who arrived in New York City specifically to work on the East River Bridge / Brooklyn Bridge's essential underwater caissons; w...
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    last modified by Douglas Robin Barker
  • Seeking ships logs of USS Nashville (CL-43)

    I'm looking for ships logs of the USS Nashville (CL-43).
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    last modified by Brian Calvert
  • Searching for Immigration Records about Conrad Sitter

    Conrad Sitter came here from Germany and was born in 1785. His first child, Caleb Smith Sitter, was born in either 1813 or 1814 (records show inconsistency on date) in Rowan County, NC. Conrad Sitter died in Anna, Ill...
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    last modified by Andrea Sitter
  • Seeking military records of Robert Sumpter & Oney Hogg

    Hello. I am looking for military records for my grandfathers who served during WWII. Robert Pearl Sumpter served in the Navy and was born on May 5, 1925. He possibly was assigned to the USS Yorktown and possibly recei...
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    last modified by MICHELE FLOEN
  • Seeking disposition of property in bankruptcy file

    I need to research a bankruptcy in 1931 from the Western District of NY. Would a file provide a disposition of the debtor’s property (I.e., who purchased a land property and how much he paid for it)?
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    last modified by Susan Fenster
  • Seeking a US Army report

    I'm wondering if "NA II 407/427/24082" is an actual after-action report form 1944 filed by officers in Normandy in August 1944. Lt. Col. Harry Hillyard wrote about the circumstances of my grandfather's death in this r...
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    last modified by Kris Kaiser
  • Looking for records of Rudi Diron

    I am looking for records for my uncle who was in the military (Marine MP) mid 1960s. His name is Rudi Diron and 52-378-869 is the number sown inside his boots which I have. Rudi passed away in 2010. Any information wo...
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    last modified by chris soreo
  • Seeking military records of William O'Connor & Mary Brady

    I noticed in a previous answer that it is not possible to obtain records with service number only.  I was wondering if it was possible to obtain them from the NPRC with name and service number, but without date o...
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    last modified by Lowell Silverman
  • Seeking documents about Virginia Leitão

    Where can I find documents about Virginia Leitão?
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    last modified by Caio Fernandes Barbosa
  • Seeking After-Action Report for Operation Harrison

    I am looking to find a copy of the After-Action Report for Operation Harrison in 1966 during Vietnam, especially for the 2nd Bn, 502nd Infantry.
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    last modified by William Stevenson
  • Seeking Blues Liner Notes Archive

    I am seeking blues album liner notes from 1945 to 1980. Does anyone know of an online archive or database containing album liner notes for the blues idiom? Thank you.
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    last modified by Marty Weil