• Allan Houstoun Dougall (1836-1912) - Depts. of State and Justice

    My ancestor, Allan Houstoun Dougall (1836-1912) worked for the federal government after serving in the Civil War (1862-1865). We believe he worked for the Departments of State and Justice. He was also sent to the Phil...
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  • Seeking information about "closing period of archives/records"

    I’m a Chinese student major in Archive Science. In China, we have a system that regardless of the records’ classification level, all records which transfer to Archives have to keep for 30 years. After 30 y...
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  • Search and rescue for Earhart and Hawaii Clipper

    I’m doing research comparing the search and rescue efforts for the 1937 Earhart/Noonan and 1938 Hawaii Clipper disappearances, trying to reconstruct how many nations participated, what areas were covered, what c...
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  • Seeking Journalists' files accredited to cover Vietnam War

    Where can I find files of journalists accredited to cover the war in Vietnam by MACV - the Military Assistance Command-Vietnam? During the war in Vietnam the Military Assistance Command - Vietnam, or MACV, accredited ...
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  • 414th Bomb Squadron (97th Bomb Group) archival records

    I am trying to locate the archival records of the 414th Bomb Squadron (97th Bomb Group) to continue my research into may father, Capt/Maj Marvin M. Waldroup Jr. who was shot down on August 27, 1943 over Rimini, Italy ...
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  • Seeking Military Records of Father

    I was hoping you can help me find the records for Dad's Military service during WWII.  My Dad has passed away and he told us very little about the war. You can see he reported for service Sept 30, 1942, then ther...
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  • 441st Coast Artillery at Odyssey meaning

    On form SG-23-10/3/42 for my Grandfather, Capt. George A. Wildmann MC, there is the notation "441st Coast Art. at Odyssey". Does anyone know what the "at Odyssey" may mean? He was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division...
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  • Celebrating 200 years of Walt Whitman with a new campaign

    We've started celebrations of the Walt Whitman bicentennial early with a Poetry Month launch of our first new campaign! The Library of Congress holds the world’s largest Whitman manuscript collection. “Wal...
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  • 6th Airborne Division Unit / No. 10 Commandos / British Army

    My uncle KURT THEODORE GOLDSCHLAGER, an Austrian Jew, who volunteered for the British Army and was placed in the No. 10 Inter-Allied Commando's during WWII. For his protection, his name was changed to KENNETH EDWARD C...
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  • Don't Know What To Do With This Page

    I came across this page. My inclination is to redo it without all of the names in the margin but I am not sure. For the moderators, what would be the best way to deal with this page? I tend to transcribe them with the...
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  • USS Detroit (AOE-4)  1979-1981

    I am looking for ship logs for USS Detroit (AOE-4) for years 1979-1981, where can i find them?
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  • TDY to Vietnam 1967

    Need to obtain proof that my husband, a USAF vet  served TDY in Vietnam in 1967. No records found through National Archives so far. Flew helicopter. Was shot down in Vietnam. Made his way to Thailand then to Clar...
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  • Seeking DD-214 from National Guard, 1999-2003

    I need my dd 214 from the national guard from 1999 to 2003, how can i get it?
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  • 92nd Medical Corps

    Hello! You guys were so helpful in the past, so I figured I come to you with this question. I'm writing historical marker text for someone who, according to their headstone application, served in the "92nd Division (M...
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  • WWII information or direction

    I am trying like many others to obtain information on my Dad’s service during WWII. I am particularly interested in units he served with. I have his discharge, which is very limited in scope. I sent in a request...
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  • Seeking official photograph of father-in-law at Basic Training

    I am looking for my father-in-law's official portrait picture of him from when he graduated from basic Camp before he entered the Korean War. Where do I begin this search?
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  • Looking for HIRES Sammy Davis Jr. Will Mastin Trio Photo

    I am trying to track down a high resolution version of a photograph of Sammy Davis Jr. dancing with the Will Mastin Trio. The photo was taken inside Amato's Supper Club in Portland, OR in the 1940s. The photo is all o...
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  • Seeking Clarification on Harrison County, Texas 1870 census

    Hi,   I am researching an ancestor located in Harrison County, Texas in the 1870 census report. It appears something is handwritten across several pages, can someone clarify what it is?   Thanks
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  • Seeking Supreme Court records from 1905

    Supreme court records from 1905. I need the exceptions submitted on behalf of Minerva Walker who had been convicted of murder. The court ruled her trial had been illegal and ordered a new trial on 17, Feb. 1905. She w...
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  • Seeking agricultural census records for farms, 1880-1915

    I am looking for agricultural census records for individual farms in North Dakota and Minnesota 1880-1915. What archives are they in? Have any been digitized?
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