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  • How can I see the photographs from a Record Group online?

    I am looking for photos from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). I understand these records are in Record Group 142. How can I see these photos online?   Thanks!
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    last modified by D Cole
  • How do you get to where the ADD button is?

    Many of the documents don't seem to scroll down to this.  I had just been there and there were many documents open, but now I cannot get there.  Is there a trick here?
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    last modified by Margaret Goodlin
  • Mislabeled Date Section

    I am working on Anna E. Dickinson Family Correspondence.  The section I am currently working on is 1882:Sept 6 - Dec 25.  Based on the letters' content (midwest tour with managers Wentworth and Hunting), it ...
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    last modified by Margaret Y
  • Re-Opening Completed Pages?

    I have come across some pages marked as complete with many [?]. I am able te decifer  the words in [?]. Is it possible to re-open those pages?   They are:
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    last modified by Henry Rosenberg
  • Seeking information on Manzana Base, NM

    I am looking for info on Manzana Base, New Mexico.
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    last modified by Marilyn Kirkley
  • Seeking records of 1st NC Cavalry/9th Reg't. NC State Troops

    Hi, I'm from Germany and looking for information about weapons, uniforms and equipment used by the 1st North Carolina Cavalry/9th Regiment North Carolina State Troops and how much they received during the years of war...
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    last modified by Gernot Duda
  • 19th century congressional stenographer William Blair Lord

    Hi, William Blair Lord was among the official reporters of debates in the U.S. Congress from 1864 to his death in 1884.  I would like to know if his papers still exist anywhere, especially his notes on committee ...
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    last modified by Andrew Hyman
  • What is a Record Group?

    I'm a college student who is researching U.S. foreign policy during World War I. When I look in the Catalog, there are references to Record Groups, but I don't know exactly what that is. Can you help, please?
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    last modified by kellygo2
  • How to transcribe a word you can't see in an image

    I'm reviewing an image in the Walt Whitman collection of several newspaper clippings layered on top of each other.
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    last modified by Mary Barr
  • How can I see what National Archives records are in a specific Record Group?

    I understand that a Record Group contains the records of a specific government agency. How do I know exactly what records can be found in each Record Group?
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    last modified by kellygo
  • Where might I find loading manifests for glider missions during World War II?

    Hi, I was looking for any suggestions/information as to what type of records (eg, morning reports, after action reports) might contain loading manifests for gliders used by the 82nd Airborne during World War II. I do ...
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    last modified by joan stachnik
  • Seeking the Family of Polly Hopkins

    I have pictures and discharge paper and would like to find family. I found a paper clipping of funeral of Mrs Polly Hopkins. Her survivors are son. John D Hopkins. Kevil, and four daughters: Mrs. Gilbert Covington, Ma...
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    last modified by Beatrice Morgan
  • Who were the parents of John Mahlon Carder?

    John Mahlon Carder was born October 1822 according to the 1900 census for Logan County, Ohio. On the 1850 census in Greene County, Ohio were  John, Elis. (probable mother), Joseph (proven brother, married Elizabe...
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    last modified by Debbie Mayes
  • How far back does my family go?

    How far back does my Family go? The last name is HALL.
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    last modified by Carlette Short
  • Seeking contents of RG 338 with Accession Numbers listed

    Hello NARA,   I'm interested in the following Accessions numbers from RG 338, College Park Maryland. Would like to know a little bit more about the records in those boxes, and what agency. Here is a list of Acce...
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    last modified by Elliot Schneider
  • Seeking names of Commanding General for Aberdeen Proving Ground

    I have several photographs of my mother receiving awards from the Commanding General at Aberdeen Proving Ground (in Aberdeen, Maryland) with dates of 1955.-1957.  She was the Commanding General's secretary for se...
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    last modified by Patricia Abbott
  • Seeking personal "emigration letters"

    Hi everyone! My name is Tabea and I'm studying in the Master's programme "Linguistic and Literary Computing" at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. I am very interested in the phenomenon of migration, ...
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    last modified by Tabea Reimitz
  • Looking for records of 362nd Harbor Craft Company

    My grandfather served in the Philippines from December 1944 to December 1945 in, I believe, the  362nd Harbor Craft Company.  However, I cannot find any information on this company.  Does anyone have an...
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    last modified by Tim Kennedy
  • Seeking hearings records civilian enemy aliens World War II

    During the Second World War, German nationals were arrested and incarcerated by the FBI as enemy aliens. They had the right to a hearing by the enemy alien internment board, to determine if they posed a threat to the ...
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    last modified by Aaron Gillette
  • Seeking finding aid for POW Information Bureau for Korean War

    Is there a finding aid for the Prisoner of War (POW) Information Bureau (Provost Marshal) for the Korean War period? I specifically want to find material relating to UN (not ‘Enemy’) POWs relating to mail....
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    last modified by Anthony Bard