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  • Seeking Civil War (Union) records for Joseph Gomer

    I am researching an African-American man named Joseph Gomer (1834-1892), who was a missionary to Africa. Some of his biographers mention that he was in the civil war, and that he returned from the war from New Orleans...
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    last modified by Dave Datema
  • Looking for members of Co B, 13th Armored

    I'm looking for members of the Army Co 'B' 13th Armored from World War II.  I'm sure most (if not all) have passed away but maybe family members out there? Information on something my mom's cousin left me (Harold...
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    last modified by Tracy Arnold
  • Seeking WWI draft registration instructions

    I am specifically interested in boxes 8 and 9. I know it's not the Census, so less detailed instructions might have been used. Still someone had to tell the thousands of local boards how to respond.
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    last modified by Curt Bramblett
  • Seeking list of French schooners & passengers to Baltimore

    My ancestors came from France to Baltimore Harbor about 1767 to 1768. I would like to know the names of schooners, pictures if any, passenger list if available. Thank you!!
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    last modified by Rita Fitzwater
  • Seeking military records of Private Anthony Talley

    Can you help me find a soldier in the 1st Virginia Regulars on the Continental Line, Private Anthony Talley? He died aboard a British prison ship from Charleston, SC to Jamestown, VA, I believe in 1780? Thanks
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    last modified by MAT TALLEY
  • Seeking records about Jacob Watts's parents

    I am searching for Jacob Watts's parents who were born about 1784 in North Carolina and died about 1849 in Talladega County AL. I believe his father was named George WATTS  but not able to confirm it.
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    last modified by joseph Godsey
  • Seeking information on White House Doorman, Preston Bruce

    Trying to figure out the maternal grandparents for Preston Bruce who was the White House Doorman from 1953 to 1976. He was born in South Carolina to the parents Rancy Bruce and Amanda Jane Dudley. From my research I h...
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    last modified by Evelyn Harris
  • Seeking why Blacks migrated to Privateer, Sumter, South Carolina

    During my family research, I have noticed quite a few Blacks moved from Marlboro, Dillon, and Marlboro Counties, South Carolina to Privateer, Sumter, South Carolina in the early 1900s. Just curious why they would migr...
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    last modified by Evelyn Harris
  • Seeking records for Zuiko Nikolai

    Good afternoon! I'm looking for any information about my uncle, Nick Zuiko, who emigrated to America from Odessa and went missing. The only thing that has been set so far is the date of death on October 29, 2001. Perh...
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    last modified by Юлия Бали
  • What war did Howard Stroud serve in?

    What war would this soldier have participated in? The dog tag I have is for STROUD, HOWARD M. Serial Number 04076185, T-56 A, METHODIST.
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    last modified by Judy Lundquist
  • Seeking naturalization records for Isidore Ruble

    He was my great-great-grandfather. He came from Eastern Europe and was Jewish.
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    last modified by Eli Stettner
  • Seeking dad's military service records

    My dad always said that the records of his service in the Army Corps of Engineers during the Korean War were lost in the 1973 fire at the Nat'l Personnel Records Center in St. Louis.  Is there any chance of a cop...
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    last modified by Maureen Roult
  • Seeking meaning of code for naturalization in 1940 census

    Hello, I have located the relevant census record to determine naturalization, column 16, 1940 Census, but there is a 4 in the column instead of the correct notations: Pa, Na, or nothing.  There are other individu...
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    last modified by Christina DeFalco
  • Seeking image of Henry Chee Dodge

    Hello, I am looking for a public domain image of Henry Chee Dodge, the first Navajo Nation Tribal Chairman. I checked with Canyon de Chelly NP, Grand Canyon NP, Glen Canyon NRA, the Navajo Nation Tribal Park in Window...
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    last modified by Tom Martin
  • Seeking way to contact relatives in New York

    Hi, I already submitted a question about looking for ancestors of my Grandfather’s half sister, Delia Fahey, from Galway Ireland. Thank you for the death notices of some of my ancestors. I was advised to look on...
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    last modified by Chris Kelly
  • Seeking my father's birth and death records

    What do I need to do to find my father's birth record in South Carolina and his death record in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?
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    last modified by Edward Young
  • Seeking documents of my father

    Hi, I'm trying to find out where I can look for some type of documents that may help to establish that my father and his parents were German citizens. They were born in Poland and moved to Hindenburg in 1920. The prob...
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    last modified by lea rader
  • Seeking family of Minnie Fergerson Washington

    I am looking for my grandmother's people in and around Macon, Georgia, She was said to be a Cherokee. Her name was Minnie L. Fergerson and she married a Charles W. Washington from Savannah.
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    last modified by DIANA WILSON
  • Seeking Chilocco Indian Boarding School on 1910 Census

    My great grandfather and his brother attended Chilocco Indian Boarding School from 1904-1916. I was told they were included in the 1910 US Census for Oklahoma but I have no idea where to look? Any help would be greatl...
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    last modified by Moureena Williamson
  • Searching for accident report of Old Faithful

    I am looking for an Accident Report relating to the crash landing of B-17 #42-29690 "Old Faithful" at RAF Oulton, Norfolk ,UK. It was after the 8th Bomber Command Mission 79 to WARNEMUNDE by 365th Bomb Squadron, 305th...
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    last modified by Moi Watson