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  • How to locate military records of an individual if records were burned in 1973 fire

    I recently received a response from the National Archives in St. Louis that the only record they are able to assist with is a final pay voucher for my late grandfather.  His records were a casualty of the 1973 fi...
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    last modified by Tim Kennedy
  • Seeking records of Harry Arthur Trentt

    My great grandfather is Harry Arthur Trentt - possibly Arthur Harry Trent.  He stated that his parents were Juanita Clearwater and Jackson Trent.  He said he was from Casa Grande, Arizona and was born in 190...
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    last modified by Brenda Orsucci
  • George S. Patton Papers: Diaries, 1910 to 1945

    George S. Patton Papers: Diaries, 1910 to 1945 The diaries of U.S. army officer George S. Patton (1885-1945) are part of a larger collection of Patton papers available for research use onsite in the Manuscript Reading...
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  • Transcribing German

    The left side page is in German. I am hoping someone can transcribe it. Thanks
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    last modified by Henry Rosenberg
  • Seeking records of 1370th Engineer Dump Truck Company

    In Appendix H-4 of "Chemical Warfare Service: Organizing for War" it appears as if the 76th Chemical Smoke Generator Company, and most of the other African American units, were re-designated  "Engineer Dump Truck...
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    last modified by Claudine Burnett
  • New exhibition on Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks:  In Her Own Words   A major new exhibition on Rosa Parks opens December 5 at the Library of Congress and online.  This will be the first exhibition of the Rosa Parks collection, which inclu...
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  • Need explanation for elongated "s" & regular "s" in the word Congress

    Explain the reason an elongated s is used beside a regular s in the word Congress in the Bill of Rights title.  A similar and perhaps related antiquated spelling convention occurs in the written script incised by...
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    last modified by Thomas Hilliard
  • Is it possible to do a history of who had lived at a particular address?

    My daughter lives in a row house in Baltimore and I was wondering if it was possible to do a history of who may have lived there over the years? There is so much history in Baltimore I thought it would be interesting.
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    last modified by Dave Barrette
  • Searching for information on Joseph Lesanskey, a private in WWI

    Hello My great grandfather, Joseph Lesanskey was a private in WWI. He was born in 1888 and died in 1939. He resided in Mount Carmel, PA, married my great grandmother Mary, died in NY, buried in Mount Carmel, PA. Hone...
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    last modified by Lauren Stauffer
  • Looking for records of 362nd Harbor Craft Company

    My grandfather served in the Philippines from December 1944 to December 1945 in, I believe, the  362nd Harbor Craft Company.  However, I cannot find any information on this company.  Does anyone have an...
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    last modified by Tim Kennedy
  • Stars and Stripes article (1953-1954) "He Served Under Two Flags"

    My husband, Thomas A Healy, served in the British Army from 1946 to 1948.  He came to the USA. In January, 1953, he was inducted into the US Army and served in Korea until Nov. 1954. An article was written about ...
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    last modified by Maureen Healy
  • Where to find property owners that were Revolutionary War soldiers?

    I am researching some early property owners in the Depreciation Lands north of Pittsburgh.  They would have been Revolutionary War soldiers of have bought from them.  In particular I am researching Colonel I...
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    last modified by Dennis Lapic
  • Record of Telegram sent to Family of Son Wounded in Vietnam?

    My brother was wounded in 1965 as a Marine Corp member. The original document was not saved. Would there be a record of it?
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    last modified by Mark Bachman
  • How to get copy of form to mail in for my discharge papers?

    I have completed the registration for to get a copy of my discharge papers but was unable to print out the form needed to sign and mail in.  My request number is 2-23451013695.  How can I get a copy of the f...
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    last modified by Herman Gercke
  • Seeking deck logs of USS Bond (AM-152)

    Looking for the ship or deck logs for the U.S.S. Bond (AM-152) primarily from June 1944 -  September 1945.
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    last modified by Mike Mertes
  • Where to view microfilm copies of Harrison & McKinley papers?

    Jason Atkinson and the angels at History Hub have provided me with invaluable links to documents for my research on my great, great grandfather Allan H Dougall. Thank you so much! Though nothing was found on his time ...
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    last modified by Janice Dougall
  • Correcting name in 1940 Census to Earl Harnly

    I've been trying to find my grandfather (Earl Harnly) in the 1940 Census by searching with different variations of his last name (Harnly, Harnley, Hamly, etc.) but to no avail. I finally decided to do it the hard way ...
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    last modified by John Harnly
  • Seeking list of all military personnel KIA in WWII from Platte County, MO

    Is there a way to find all of the military personnel who were listed as KIA during WWII who were from Platte County Missouri? I am trying to find out if the War Department during WWII ever compiled comprehensive listi...
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    last modified by Kathleen O'Brien-Blair
  • Seeking meaning to USSBS abbreviations

    I'm an author who has been looking into a report of the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey (USSBS). In a summary of several raids by the U.S. and the RAF on the German city of Darmstadt during World War II, the report uses...
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    last modified by Alexander Wolff
  • Letterhead, all those names!

    I just went back to an earlier discussion, and found this answer to my question about whether transcribers should be typing in the complete letterhead with names of members, etc.  Here's what Victoria Van Hyning ...
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    last modified by Julianne Mangin