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  • Seeking records of 215th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

    I know my grandfather was in the 215th Glider Field Artillery Battalion at Fort Bragg, NC in January 1943. I cannot find any further information on this unit, including any Division it might have been a part of. My da...
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    last modified by Alisa Goetz
  • Where was William Boyd born & where did he live?

    I am looking for information about the ethnicity of my great great grandfather, William Boyd. Where he was born (ca. 1770) and where he lived prior to 1820?
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    last modified by Eleanor Wright
  • Who the first skiers were in Alaska?

    Who the first skiers were in Alaska? I find no records of the Native people here ever using skis. My theory is that the first skiers were the Sami people who came to Alaska with Sheldon Jackson in 1894 to teach reinde...
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    last modified by Keith Conger
  • Seeking records of Lt Charles Richard

    I am seeking any information about my father, Lt. Charles Richard, who was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia in 1957,
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    last modified by Candy Klement
  • How are Postmaster appointments decided?

    I'm looking for information on how Postmaster appointments were made. Were these political appointments?  I noted my Great Grand father was appointed Postmaster of Stanley, IN and then the next year his brother-i...
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    last modified by Jeff Johns
  • Seeking a death certificate for individual before 1936

    How about if that person died before 1936 (SS death index) or in this particular case, between 1890 and 1905? There seems to be some consistent error in the records on both Ancestry and Family Search websites where ma...
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    last modified by bb hank
  • How do I find my grandmother's naturalization paperwork?

    I am attempting to apply for dual citizenship from the country of my family's origin, Calitri, Italy, province of Avellino.  My grandmother and grandfather plus several of my uncles and aunt were all born there.&...
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    last modified by Shirley McAfee
  • Seeking access to genealogy records from Belize

    My father is from Belize City, Belize (my birth certificate states British Honduras), I am looking to get more information on his Parents Robert Ferguson and Elvira Young. I'm not sure of his grandparent's name. Half ...
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    last modified by Virchus Miller
  • Seeking explanation of Court Docket

    I could use some help interpreting a 1880 US District Court for the Third Judicial District, Wyoming Territory (W.T.) docket. Is this for a Naturalization? I am not sure if it is an application for citizenship or a co...
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    last modified by kim Rush
  • Best practices for transcribing Purple Heart Decoration records?

    I have been transcribing the Purple Heart Decoration records. It would be extremely helpful to have a sheet with best practices/guidance for these records. I have noticed that some transcribers add line spaces, others...
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    last modified by Darlene Marchina
  • Seeking history of Douglas DC-6 NC37510 that crashed near Bryce Canyon

    I'm working on a project about the United Airlines Crash of flight 608 just outside of Bryce Canyon National Park in 1947, the aircraft was a Douglas DC-6 NC37510, MSN 42875/17.  I'm looking for any and all infor...
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    last modified by Ryan Moreau
  • Seeking records of Old Age Assistance (OAA)

    Good Morning, I am doing genealogical research on my Great Great Grandfather who died in 1936.  His name is included in his local paper (July 1936), as receiving 20 dollars through the OAA program (Title I of the...
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    last modified by Valarie Davies
  • Seeking death records for Florence McIntosh Thomas

    I am trying to find death information for Florence McIntosh Thomas who died in Boley,OK between 1920 and 1930.  I know that she was married to Robert Thomas in Avolleyes Louisiana. I was told that she was a Tunic...
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    last modified by Tammy Plummer
  • Seeking name change record of my great grandfather

    My great grandfather states on his Petition for Citizenship that he entered the country under a different name. The name is drastically different so not just a minor change that many experienced when coming through El...
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    last modified by Marian Bauer
  • Seeking detailed look at daily activities of Company G, 308th Infantry

    I would like to research into a more detailed look at the daily activities of Co. G, 308th Infantry during WWI. The records that I am interested in are: (1) War Diary of the 2nd Battalion, 308th infantry; (2) G Compan...
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    last modified by John Plunkett
  • Seeking Signal Corps units attached to 101st & 82nd Airborne during Battle of the Bulge

    I'm looking for more information about US Army Signal Corps history related to attachments to the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions during the Battle of the Bulge. I have this much info from letters my grandfather wro...
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    last modified by Lance Moss
  • Seeking New Jersey marriage certificate

    I am trying to trace my great cousin, Margaret Boyd Brodie, who born Scotland in 1893. She immigrated to USA aboard the Cameronia from Glasgow arriving in New York on 12 August 1921. The ship's passenger manifest show...
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    last modified by Graham Brodie
  • Looking for information on Whit Fleming

    I am looking for information on Whit Fleming. I was told that he was born in Alabama on April 25,1885 and died in Oklahoma on Sept 6, 1945. I am looking for information on his family in Alabama and Louisiana. I know t...
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    last modified by Tammy Plummer
  • Seeking records of VF-213

    F14 Query -- VF-213 Fighting Black Lions crashes on July 8, 1991 while assigned to USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) in Indian Ocean. I need the names of Pilot and RIO (Radar Intercept Officer). The crew ejected safely.
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    last modified by George Huiet
  • Seeking Board of Inquiry & Courts-Martial about USS Flying Fish

    How would I gain access to the proceedings of a Board of Inquiry and Courts-Martial files relating to the supposed grounding of the USS Flying Fish (SS-229) in November or December 1950. My father, CDR John Arthur Whi...
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    last modified by William Whitacre