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  • German letter in Mary Church Terrell

    This page is half in English and half in German.  Sharon McKinley and I worked on this, and we need someone who reads German to review it.
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    last modified by Julianne Mangin
  • Seeking military personnel records for great-grandfather

    I am unable to figure out how to obtain the military personnel records of my great grandfather. He was a sailor during WWI, enlisting 5 May 1917 and being honorably discharged 31 July 1920.
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    last modified by Walter Mainieri
  • Seeking ships log of USS Newman (DE-205)

    Looking to find copies of Ship Log for the Destroyer Escort Newman who saw action in the Battle Leyte Gulf in 1945. My Dad was a Torpedo's Mate on this ship.  Thanks
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    last modified by Douglas Mellis
  • Seeking deck Logs of USS Trippe (FF-1075)

    Looking for the UNITAS XX (1979-80) Deck Logs of the USS Trippe FF-1075. I am attempting to document my travels in the Navy.  I'm looking for a complete list of the ports the ship visited including the dates.
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    last modified by Donald Heesen Jr
  • Seeking History of my property?

    Hi there I am wondering if there is any way to get the history of my property?
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    last modified by Trisha Dertinger
  • Seeking my naturalization records

    I need to find my naturalization records
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    last modified by Annette Bly
  • Seeking passenger lists departing from NY in 1912 to Bremen

    Do you know if there are records for ships leaving NY in 1912, to Europe (likely Bremen, Germany)? I'm looking for information on my grandmother's return trip to Europe (Poland) in 1912. Thank you,
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    last modified by joan stachnik
  • Seeking Corps of Engineers digitized records

    I recently heard that the cartographic materials for this collection have been digitized.  Can someone help me find that collection on the NARA website or wherever it is kept?
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    last modified by NICK LINVILLE
  • Seeking records of marriage between Ann Eliza Simpson & Edgar

    When Ann Eliza Simpson got married in Lynchburg, VA on 4 March 1863 to her English husband, Edgar, he was a Confederate deserter (12 June 1862). But I am not able to reconcile the fact that it wasn't till 8 months lat...
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    last modified by Paul Griffiths
  • Seeking the first female African American combat engineer in Marine Corps

    Looking to verify who the first female African American Combat Engineer in the Marine Corps. I think it was me, but I want confirmation. I would like to submit to the National Museum of African American History and Cu...
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    last modified by Shelly Wolf
  • Seeking people from France that were sent to Louisiana

    In America during the French & Indian War, many Frenchmen were permitted to migrate to Louisiana.  What paperwork describes that action?  What were their names, destination area, etc. or can they now be ...
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    last modified by Henry Seymour
  • Seeking records about Harry Wilkes

    Good morning!  I am doing research about the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the International Brigades Medical Services. I am looking for records about American pharmacist Harry Wilkes who died in Spain in not...
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    last modified by Guillem Casañ
  • Seeking military records for Lyle T. Shargent

    I want to locate all Military records pertaining to Vietnam for Lyle T. Shargent during the years 1967 to 1968.
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    last modified by Lyle Shargent
  • Seeking information about Indians living in Indiana Co, PA & Brooke Co, Va

    I am looking for information Indians that would've been living in Indiana County, PA around the 1850's and possibly associated with the Peddicord family. Also, Indians that may have been associated with the Prosser fa...
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    last modified by Diana Haney
  • 270th FA Bn.  ETO. WWII

    i have been doing some fact finding about the 270th for the last few months and am wondering if anyone on here  has info about this unit?   This was my Grandfathers unit during the war and I would like ...
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    last modified by Brian Nicely
  • Seeking information about dependent on Civil War pension application

    Seeking information about a dependent pension application of John M H Morris (Company H, First Kentucky Cavaliers) on the invalid account of William H Ford, 21st Mass Infantry, Company F.   I do not know who th...
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    last modified by psychee
  • Seeking Grandfather's Unit History in World War I

    Hello!  My Grandfather fought in WWI here is a synopsis of his personal data I have researched:   Rutherford, Plummer, (Service number) 1,307,323 W, from La Follette, Tenn Enlistedl; NG (National Guard) La...
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    last modified by Brent Rutherford
  • Seeking records about the USPS

    What records are available here on History Hub in regards to the USPS? My 2nd and 3rd great grandfathers were lifetime USPS workers. Starting as Postal Carriers on horses up to eventual Postmasters.  I didn't rea...
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    last modified by Andrew Bernos
  • Seeking State Department records about atomic bomb

    I am looking for State Department  papers regarding the use of the atomic bomb in 1945.
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    last modified by Marcia Pennell
  • Seeking records about airlift to Diyarbakir, Turkey

    Hello. I would like to attempt to track down documents about an airlift of materials to Diyarbakir, Turkey in late 1954/early 1955 by the US Air Force.  They were bringing in steel and all sorts of other componen...
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    last modified by Peter Pesavento