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  • Seeking record of uncle's death on USS Pennsylvania

    My Uncle died after falling from the rigging of USS Pennsylvania in November 1925. How can I get more information about the incident, possibly an official report about what happened?  My uncle was Frank James Gre...
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    last modified by Lee Hawn
  • Seeking information about Charles 'Claus'  F. Haglund

    I am seeking any and all information about 3rd Great Grandfather Charles 'Claus' F. Haglund. The information that I have says he was born somewhere in Sweden in 1850, and died in 1931 in Goodhue, Minnesota. Other name...
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    last modified by Bethany Habisch
  • Need Help Finding Records of John Maynard Molstad

    My grandfather John Maynard Molstad (b. 1914) was in the US Army during WW2. Our family knows very little about his service. I tried a few years back to request records from St Louis, but it was burned in the fire in ...
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    last modified by Sarah Molstad
  • Seeking where Leslie Morgan was stationed during WWII

    Hello, How can I find where a relative was stationed during WWII? I'm researching Leslie Ross Morgan, 17 Dec 1924 in Central, Pickens, South Carolina, USA. He enlisted in the Air Corps on 17 Jan 1944, Service Number: ...
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    last modified by Chris Eldon
  • Seeking which battalion of 66th Armored Regiment was father assigned to

    After visiting the WWII Museum in NOLA this month I began looking back at my father's assignments to the 66th Armored Regiment during the war. His history of assignments is listed on an "Officer's Qualification Card."...
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    last modified by Charles Buck
  • Seeking records about Arne Agle

    Our grand uncle Arne Agle, born 1882 in Norway, was a beneficiary of the Soldiers Home in Fort Bayard between 1907 and about 1912, and is supposed to have worked in the Grant/ Silver City area in the following years. ...
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    last modified by Ingunn Solli
  • Seeking photos of four Liberty ships

    I have been trying to find photographs of four liberty ships that my Grandfather sailed on during WWII: SS H Weir Cook - Official # 245400; SS Carl B Eielson - Official # 245122; SS AB Hammond - Official # 245047; SS ...
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    last modified by Michelle Rex
  • Searching for prison records of Tracey Bryant & William Forester

    I am researching the fates of two American soldiers who were convicted of the brutal, racially-motivated slaying of a black serviceman, Technician 5th Grade Robert Stafford, in England on March 4, 1944, as documented ...
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    last modified by Lowell Silverman
  • Seeking information about former post office in Medina, New York

    I own an 1841 Cobblestone Quaker Meetinghouse. In the early 1900s. it was converted into a store and also housed the local Post Office. I can not find any information on its use as a post office or its timeline. The l...
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    last modified by Arthur Barnes
  • Looking for songs about Carrie Nation & her speeches

    Hello! I'm doing a concert of historic music around the Prohibition and Temperance movement, and I'm trying to track down songs about Carrie Nation, as well as full texts of speeches that Nation made. The songs can be...
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    last modified by Cecelia Otto
  • What does Flag Allowance mean?

    Navy Muster Rolls for my father-in-law during WWII states in many musters that he reported aboard a ship from a squadron Flag Allowance or he is transferred from a boat to a squadron Flag Allowance. He was not a membe...
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    last modified by Tom Boyer
  • Seeking marriage record of Shimon Pokhachevsky & Genya Shvitzer

    How do I find a marriage record #136 for Shimon Pokhachevsky and Genya Mindlya Shvitzer , NHABGrodno/1870/1/25 ?
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    last modified by Nancy Shuman
  • Seeking proof that father of Cornelius Birdsong was John Birdsong

    Searching for proof that John Birdsong (born in SC in 1792 - died in MO in 1870) was the father of Cornelius "Neely" Birdsong (born in KY 1826- died in MO in1907).  This has eluded me for 10+ years and is the bro...
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    last modified by Jan Strand
  • Select your Favorite History Hub Question of 2021

    These were some of our more popular or intriguing questions as featured in Top History Hub Questions of 2021.   Vote for your favorite -- or did another question capture your attention recently?  Add it be...
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  • 1950 Census:  Enumerated Out-of-Order - “Callbacks” and Others on Page 71 and Up

    NARA expects to digitally release the 1950 population census schedules for researcher use on April 1, 2022, which is 72 years after the official 1950 census day of April 1, 1950. This is the 41st in a series of blog p...
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    last modified by Claire Kluskens
  • How do you document Native American Ancestry?

    Where is the best place to see documents or find Indian ancestry? I have done my AncestryDNA
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    last modified by Brenda Lee Wellbrock
  • Re: Seeking record of uncle's death on USS Pennsylvania

    Lee,   Do you have more information on your uncle? Name, DOB, place of birth.
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    last modified by Elliot Schneider
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Civil Rights Blog #4: Matters Involving Housing Rights in Federal Records

    Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Civil Rights Blog #4:Matters Involving Housing Rights in Federal RecordsRay Bottorff Jr  Matters concerning housing and property ownership have been an integral part of the United St...
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    last modified by Ray Bottorff Jr
  • Trying to find Clark Ray Leonard

    Trying to find my grandfather's brother, Clark Ray Leonard-born about 1877/78 in Lake Co, IL. On 1880 Census in Russell Co, KS.  On 1890 OK Territory Census, The parents are George F Leonard and Ella D (Priest) L...
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    last modified by Evie Bresette
  • History Hub Blog on Cold War Submarine Records Part III - 1947-1992 - From SSGs to SSBNs

    In this third installment on how to use National Archives records in researching Cold War Submarines and the development of the Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarines, we will need to backtrack to Part I and review ...
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    last modified by Nathaniel Patch