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    LibGuides at the Library of Congress   Records For Veterans-Gathering Evidence for Claims & Benefits   WWII Military Unit Records at the National Archives   You Want to Find Out About an Indian ...
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  • original_original_cmsr_storage_drawers.pdf

    I need some historical/archival opinions.   At the flea-market I found these file storage drawers (see PDF I uploaded). I originally thought they were old periodical holders, but then I saw the labels.   My ...
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  • Preliminary Inventory 101, 'the Rebel Archives'

    As far as I am concerned, any time is the time to learn about the history of the Civil War.  Perhaps, no more poignant a time has existed in recent memory to scrutinize, closely, the lives and actions of our fore...
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  • Archival Dictionary

    Archival Dictionary   A1 The National Archives in Washington, DC, known as Archives I   A2 The National Archives at College Park, Maryland, known as Archives II   Access Restriction Lets the researcher...
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