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The 21,655 photographs in this series depict all aspects of Sandia National Laboratories' unclassified work on nuclear weapons testing between 1972 through 1992 at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Photographs reflect Sandia National Laboratories' mission to ensure that the United States nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, reliable, and able to support the United States' deterrence policy.


View all of these photos in the National Archives Catalog: Photographs Related to Nuclear Weapons Testing at the Nevada Test Site, 1/1972 - 12/2012


The majority of photographs depict various equipment, personnel, and operations related to underground nuclear tests. In addition, other photographs in this series depict High Explosive tests at Nevada Test Site; Coal Gasification Experiment at Hanna, Wyoming; the Solar Power Project; Waste Disposal at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; Oil Shale Project at Rock Springs, Wyoming; as well as other non-nuclear tests and experiments.


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