• Looking for information about U.S. Navy Lockheed Neptune P2V crash

    Looking for information about a U.S. Navy Lockheed Neptune P2V that crashed on Sept 22, 1957 in the Desatoya Mountain region in Nevada. I have a news clipping from an unknown source and date.  I also have a prefl...
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  • Seeking location where Lemuel Offutt died

    In a record from Record Group 109, PI-101 Entry 465 (NAID 2133278), which is supposed to be regarding the following, "This series contains records of Union provost marshals relating to various types of civilians, such...
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  • Seeking records of 215th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

    I know my grandfather was in the 215th Glider Field Artillery Battalion at Fort Bragg, NC in January 1943. I cannot find any further information on this unit, including any Division it might have been a part of. My da...
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  • Seeking deck logs of USS Ellyson

    How do I access the ship’s log for the USS Ellyson?
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  • Seeking father's FBI fingerprint card when he worked on Manhattan Project

    Hello - Would there be anyone who could assist me in finding my father's fingerprint card record with the FBI for when he worked at Hanford, WA site in the 1940s (Manhattan Project)? I requested the same from the FBI ...
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  • Seeking to Return a lost Document to PFC Edward Lawson

    I am looking for contact information for a former Army PFC, maybe even next of kin. Edward E. Lawson, I believe his service number to be 54140881, was part of Service Co. 5th Infantry Regiment, 71st Division stationed...
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  • Seeking to replacement Bronze Star Medal

    I would like to replace my grandfather's Bronze Star.  He died at the age of 27.  My brother and I have been doing research on him and would like to replace his medal.  Our mother, his daughter passed a...
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  • Seeking records that show father took down last U.S. flag in China

    My father served in the Pacific, namely in Japan, China and Guam in 1946 and 1947.  His only story about his military service was that he was the person who took down the last U.S. flag in China.  I am tryin...
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  • Seeking explanation of duties of Army Tech 5

    What rank was this during WWII and what special skills did you have to have to get to this rank?
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  • Determination of grandfather's Merchant Seamen Service

    Where can I find information of qualifying service under Public Law 105-386 for my grandfather. He was a Merchant Seamen out of the Philadelphia Port?
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  • Seeking Merchant Marine records of Adolph Oko

    I am seeking Merchant Marine Records of Adolph S. Oko Jr. He was a Chief Mate in the Merchant Marine, ID No. Z192633, during WWII. A record furnished by Oko reflects that he was registered with Local Draft Board (LDB)...
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  • Seeking listing of Anderson County residents who served in Union Army

    How can I find a full listing of Anderson County, KY residents who served the Union during the Civil War? I found the names of everyone who served the Confederacy in History of Anderson County by McKee and Bond, but n...
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  • Where was Frederick Sapf buried?

    My uncle, Frederick Charles Stapf, was a soldier during WWII and was killed maybe in France. I am looking for his burial site, He was not returned home.
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  • Seeking WWII military records of Gerald Ernest Baer

    Please point me in direction I need to go to obtain my dad's US Navy records from WWII. I'll be happy to print out and submit whatever forms and pay fee(s) for the records.  Thanks.
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  • Seeking information on WWI nurses

    Hello, I am trying to find some information of the nurses who served in the First World War. I would like to know if there is also a list of them or something like that.
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  • Still seeking family members of Pvt. Lloyd W. Lindgren

    I am still seeking the family members of Lloyd W. Lindgren, who joined the US Army Air Corps and his service number was 12130608. He was born in 1917 in New Mexico and passed away on April 7, 2000. I found a testament...
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  • Seeking records of Louisiana 156th Infantry during WWI

    I am looking for information on the 156th infantry during WWI. The unit was broken up and its members dispersed as replacements for other units.
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  • Seeking records of William J. Everett

    William J. Everett, served in the US military (probably navy). His approximate birth year is 1885. I don't know where he was born.  He served in both World Wars. He was an instructor in "military affairs" and dis...
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  • Seeking records about Navy Signalmen Lookouts at Lighthouses

    During World War I, the US Navy assigned Signalmen to a number of lighthouse stations on the Atlantic Coast. The signalmen served as additional lookouts and communicated with passing vessels using signal flags as a wa...
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  • Seeking Naval Radio Station Muster Rolls

    How are US Navy radio station muster rolls, including direction finding stations, filed in the National Archives - both WWII and pre-WWII? Are they listed under individual stations, grouped by district, or some other ...
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