• Seeking records of Pietro Giuseppe "Peter Joseph" Torcivia

    Need help finding records of Pietro Giuseppe "Peter Joseph" Torcivia. He is my 2nd great grandfather, and I would like to know more about him as the picture showing him has him in uniform. https://prnt.sc/pxu0g3 ...
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  • Seeking Military records of James Byron Penrod

    I am trying to find the Military record of my father, James Byron Penrod of Kansas City, Missouri.  I have a picture of him in Uniform with his ribbons by don't know what they were for.  This research is for...
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  • Seeking records of Unit 731

    This may sound like a stupid question, but is Unit 731 and the Manhattan Project the same thing just two different names? I'm trying really hard to find a good primary source for Unit 731 and this would be great if it...
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  • Seeking Tables of Organization D-series of Marine Divisions

    Good afternoon!   I live in Ukraine and try to simulate the American army in 1940-1941. The results of my research can be found on the website http://igorchub.at.ua/   Now I am trying to restore the marin...
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  • Seeking records of Co A ,112th Machine Gun, 58th Brigade, 29 Division

    Seeking information about a U.S. Army unit in 1917--  Company A ,112th Machine Gun, 58th Brigade, 29 Division. First Sergeant
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  • Looking for after action report on loss of USS Bullhead

    Bullhead was the last American warship sunk in World War II.   She departed Fremantle, Australia, on July 31, 1945, and failed to rendezvous with other submarines in the area two weeks later.   Jap...
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  • Looking for soldier who may be Birth Father

    I was born in Junction City, Kansas on Feb 24, 1956 but I have no name of father on birth certificate. He may have been in the military.  How do we find him?  I was hoping to go through the records of those ...
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  • Looking for information on my Grandfather

    He joined the French Legion and was transferred to 4 SFU a unit controlled by the OSS this was on the 7th of June 1943 this was in Alger, Algeria. He went on many missions with this group but I can't find much...not s...
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  • Seeking records of Army Air Corps Air Courier Service

    My dad joined the U.S. Army Air Corps (later U.S. Air Force) in 1940. He was eventually assigned to the air courier service, delivering cryptographic materials. Is there any source to learn more about that service's a...
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  • Seeking photos of Coast Guard during Vietnam War

    My husband serve in the Coast Guard during the Vietnam War in the early 1970's. All his photos have been destroyed. I was wondering if the Archives keep photos of the Coast Guard members.
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  • Seeking military records of LTC Gwyn P Rees

    Help required, please! I am researching my ancestor, Great uncle Gwyn P. Rees (1906-1945) who was stationed at Fort Winfield, San Francisco and near Pasadena. He was buried at the National Memorial of the Pacific. Let...
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  • Seeking Grandmother's enlistment records

    I am looking for my grandmother who was a stenographer in the Marines during WWII.  She was discharged Sept 1944 I believe.
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  • Seeking OSS records for Mary Alez

    My mother--aged 84--says as a girl she had multiple meetings with a great aunt she knew as Mary Alez, who spied on German officers in Paris in WWII, apparently lip-reading to collect intelligence. Mary Alez--her marri...
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  • Seeking muster rolls & deck logs of USS Runner (SS-275)

    I am looking for the muster rolls and deck log records of the USS Runner (SS-275). She was presumed lost in July 1944. Japanese records tentatively show that she sunk two merchant ships near the Kuril Islands in June....
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  • Seeking military record of Captain Thomas Chambers

    Seeking the military record of Thomas Chambers, Captain, 14th USAAF. He was a member of the AVG American Volunteer Group, received the Chang Kai-Shek Chinese Service Medal in 1942, and the Distinguished Flying Cross i...
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  • Seeking radio logs and/or sitreps from 1/6th Infantry, Americal Division

    I was the forward Battalion RTO for 1/6th Infantry, 198th LIB, Americal Division from it's inception at Ft Hood in the summer of 1967, through our deployment by ship to Vietnam in Sep of 1967; and continuing in that r...
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  • Seeking Deck Logs & Muster Rolls of USS Otter

    Hello, My grandfather served on the USS Otter and I'm trying to find the deck logs & muster roll for the destroyer. Thanks
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  • Seeking WW II Navy service records of Albert Spatch

    I’m seeking WW II USN service records for my uncle Albert Spatch. He may have served on both the USS Hornet and the USS Wasp.
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  • Seeking record of Helicopter crash on September 1968

    More recently, we have discovered the same crash it was claimed our casualty was in on the LOC POW/MIA database in the Search and Rescue section for September 28, 1968.  However, this crash shows the crash occurr...
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  • Seeking military records for Lewis Clark

    Looking  to get military records for Lewis Clark. He served in the Army during the Vietnam War and passed away recently.
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