• Seeking information about PFC Blasco Buscemi

    I am seeking where to find information on PFC Blasco Buscemi who served in the US ARMY during WWII. He was born on 8/15/1922 and died on 10/26/1944.  We know he was in North Africa in July of 1944 and he died in ...
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  • Seeking a location in France a soldier was killed in WWII

    I am seeking where a soldier (my uncle) was killed in World War II.  Army PFC Blasco J Buscemi.  He was born in Bergen County New Jersey.  He died on October 26, 1944 somewhere in France.  His pers...
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  • Seeking World War II Field Orders

    How would I find specific field orders that were created during World War II, specifically Field Order No 4 on February 29. 1944, see below.  There are other orders I have come across in my research.  Where ...
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  • Seeking military service records of Leo J. Lofft

    I seek corroborating information and evidentiary documentation regarding the military service of my uncle, Leo J. Lofft who was born in May 1889 and died on 08 Dec 1951   In the book, History of Buffalo AND Erie...
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  • Seeking Muster Rolls of USS New Jersey

    I'm looking for Navy Muster Rolls for 1953 and 1954 for the USS New Jersey.
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  • Seeking information about grandfather's exemption from service

    I would like to find the paperwork for my Grandfather's exemption from military service.  He was born 1893 so it would have been WWI, I believe.
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  • Seeking rosters for Company F, 9th Infantry (1857-1859)

    I have located the area of two interred soldiers that died in 1858 when a tree fell on their tent while their company was escorting the Northwest Boundary Survey.  The cross that detailed their names and ranks is...
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  • Seeking post-1946 reports for USS Volador

    I'm looking for post-1946 Patrol Reports for USS Volador (SS-490).
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  • Seeking Civil War pension applications using numbers

    I have numbers and certificate numbers for a Civil War pension file, but I don't know how to find them with those numbers. I am looking for Union Indian Home Guard brigades. Where are Civil War pension applications by...
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  • Seeking records for U.S.E.D. Tug Delamar 1942/1943

    Seeking records including crew list for U.S. Engineering Department Tug Delamar in 1942/1943. 
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  • Seeking records about Vincent John Bowen

    Looking for information on Vincent John Bowen, WWII Veteran, who was captured at the Battle of the Bulge, recipient of the POW award medal from Pennsylvania, and a Purple Heart Recipient. This is my uncle who died in ...
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  • Seeking records of USS Oriskany & crew

    I am working on the obituary for Bernard J Schlumpberger, He served in the US Navy during the Korean War, possibly on the USS Oriskany. He was born March 8th, 1934, in Monroe, SD, and enlisted at the age of 18. He pas...
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  • Seeking ships logs of USS O'Bannon, USS Horne & USS Lang

    I served on 3 ships which were deployed to Vietnam in 1970-1975.  Unfortunately, NONE are on VA approved list of ships. I need to document one instance to prove any one of these ships was operating in or near Vie...
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  • Seeking if VA File number is still valid

    I have a VERY old card from a VA station in Tucson. How do I find out if this file number is still valid? I don't recall ever receiving any mail from the VA.
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  • Seeking discharge certificate of Frederick Maps

    Frederick Maps was a soldier in the Revolutionary Army under General George Washington. His discharge was a very special one, It listed the battles he fought in the outfits he served with and was signed by General Geo...
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  • Seeking access to non-archival Morning Reports & Rosters

    Hello NARA, What is the correct address that I need to request Non-Archival morning reports and rosters from? I wrote to the Army FOIA office and they sent back a letter stating that they are not a holder of records b...
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  • Seeking unit rosters of 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion

    I'm looking for unit rosters of the 702nd Tank Destroyer Battalion from March 1942 - January 1944.
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  • Seeking information about Regulus Missile on USS Randolph

    I'm looking for information on the Regulus cruise missiles on USS Randolph (CVA-15). So far, I know the Randolph test fired the Regulus in early 1956. Then deployed with 3 or 4 missiles to the Mediterranean. USS Hanco...
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  • Missing medical records?

    How do I find my missing medical records from when I was in the Army and deployed to the Persian Gulf from SEP 1990 - MAR 1991. I've done several records requests but the (medical) records I need most (from SEP 90 - M...
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    I need help in finding my US ARMY MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS from 1974to1976,  The NARA said there not in the NARA. Where can I  look or who can help search ? 
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