• I would like to read the text of  H.R.4354 — 117th Congress (2021-2022)

    I would like to read the text of  H.R.4354 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) concerning the child tax credit. All I am able to find about this are articles printed by the news media and not the actual bill. Is t...
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  • The 14th amendment. The Emancipation clause and reparations.

    Argument here.   After looking at the clause I came to the following conclusion.   The Congress of 1866 intended the Emancipation clause to ban reparations to both sides of the Slavery issue. ...
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  • Voting Age Population by Congressional District, 1940-1960

    Hello! I am a graduate student who is currently working on a historical study of redistricting and hoping to find voting age population numbers by congressional district for 1940, 1950 and 1960. I'm wondering if you m...
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  • Pony Express

    I would like to see the US Senate Executive Document, 46th Congress, 3rd Session, I, No. 21 p. 7-8  "Contract with Overland Mail Co."  "Route 10773" Thank you,
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  • My ancestor, Charles H Ziegenfuss, a wealthy engineer in Santiago Cuba during the 1880's to 1898.

    It is said that he presented testimony to the cuban state of affairs to congress to aid in the planning of the Spanish american war. Could there be a transcript of this testimony, if it occured? He was a very influent...
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  • Laws passed after the Tulsa Race Massacre?

    I've read that several Anti-Lynching bills were proposed after the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.  Were any of these ever passed successfully?  Was there any other related legislation that was actually passed? &#...
  • Looking for information about Hilliard A. Bostic

    My grandfather, Hilliard A. Bostic, of Fort Motte, South Carolina, testified in a 1896 Senate Election Fraud investigation.  I would like to read his testimony.
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  • Seeking results of HR 10330

    My great great grandfather, William Nelson Ennis, served in the Union Army during the Civil War, in the 8th Regiment of the Maryland infantry.  In 1902 Mr. Harry Hanbury, Congressional Representative from Brookly...
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  • Kersten Committee

    Is there any online access to submissions made in 1953 to the Kersten Committee?
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  • US Senate Committee on Military Affairs 1946

    I am in possession of a letter dated March 29,1946 written on US Senate Committee on Military Affairs stationery signed by A.B. Hermann.  His name is not listed on the stationery as being a member of the committe...
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  • Looking for transcripts of congressional hearings about Western Union 1869-1883

    Sepcifically, I'm looking for this document behind these three footnotes:   H.R. REP. No. 40-32, at 12. Committee on the Judiciary, Feb. 25, 1875. Western Union Hearing, supra note 44 "Telegraph Lines," 43rd C...
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  • Lobbying Disclosure Reports

    Lobbying disclosure originated with the 1946 Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act (Title III of PL 79-601), which required persons or organization that attempted to influence legislation to register and disclosure expen...
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  • 1871 KKK act

    I am trying to find information on the 1871 KKK Act that congress passed. I am wanting to use it for a blog post that I am working on it. I am trying to help others learn about the past of the US that isn't commonly k...
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  • The House Un-American Committee

    I am looking for the testimony of clergy before the House Un-American Committee (HUAC) and/or the Florida Legislative Investigative Committee (FLIC) also known as the "Charley Johns" or the "Johns" committee, particul...
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  • executive communications to committees

    I am seeking Executive Communications to House and Senate Committees. It appears that these committee documents have only been released through the 98th Congress. Is this correct? If so, is there a schedule for the re...
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  • Universal Suffrage Petition of 1866

    Is it possible to see all the signatories on the Universal Suffrage Petition shown here? https://www.archives.gov/legislative/features/suffrage I know there are over 400,000 and I am trying to determine if Virginia Mi...
  • Where to find Capitol Building visitor logs for the week of Jan. 3-6, 2021?

    I am trying to see the Capitol building visitor logs for the week of Jan. 3-6, 2021. Has anyone been successful in finding where they are archived?
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  • 1922 motion picture related to House Bill 11449 regarding Boulder Dam

    I'm looking for a film made by the Imperial Irrigation District in Imperial County, California in 1922 in support of House Bill No. 11449.  I found reference to it in the book The First Thirty Years by Otis Tout....
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  • Seeking testimony of William J Tansey

    I am seeking information on testimony given by William J Tansey in the late 1950s in front of a committee headed by Margaret Chase Smith. Mr. Tansey worked as a civilian employee in the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Depart...
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  • Seeking verbal deliberation in the House of Representative

    How do I go about getting the transcripts and any documents involved in my dad's release from Ellis Island? It was submitted on January 29, 1952 by Congressman Rodino of Newark, NJ. I would like a copy of the verbal d...
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