• Seeking the parents of Dorothy Adams

    I am looking for the parents of Dorothy Adams who was married to Augustus Primrose in 1948 and was born in 1929.
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  • Seeking grandparents' dates of birth, marriage & death

    My German Jewish grandparents emigrated to the U.S. in June 1941.  I am trying to find their dates of birth, date of marriage (in Germany) and their dates of death (in the U.S.).
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  • Seeking immigration information of Jacob Helzer

    My great-grandfather, Jacob Emil Helzer, sometimes spelled Jakob Emil Holzer, resided and was naturalized in Macomb County, MI in 1918. He was born in Poland/Russia and his native language was German. I've seen census...
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  • Seeking to discover biological father of grandmother

    I am seeking help to discover who is the biological father to my maternal grandmother. As a child, she used the name Vivian Steffen although that could not have been her birth name.  Her mother's maiden name was ...
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  • Seeking death certificate from Fulton State Hospital

    I have an ancestor that was in an asylum in 1900. I think he died by 1905 as his wife remarried in 1905 but I also have 1908 as his death year. How do I find a death certificate for him from Fulton State Hospital in M...
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  • Seeking my grandpa's naturalization records

    How do I locate my grandpa's naturalization records?
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  • Seeking information about my great-grandfather

    I am seeking information on my great grandfather who arrived in US in approx 1910. My great grandfather Bogoja Pavloski was recruited from Yugoslavia for labor/work in US. He worked in Chicago.
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  • Seeking birth certificate for Antonio Roberts

    What resource do I use to get a copy of the birth certificate for my father, Antonio Roberts, who was born on January 16, 1913 in Philadelphia, PA?
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  • Seeking Enemy Alien Registration Affidavits

    I am looking for Enemy Alien Registration Affidavits from 1917 to 1921 for Virginia and/or Maryland. I found 6,000 records from Kansas (ARC 286181) online. Does anyone have suggestions for tracking down these records ...
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  • Seeking proof that Iola May Frailey-Olsen lived in Utah

    Where can I find proof about my Grandmother Iola May Frailey-Olsen whom perhaps live in Washington County, Utah around 1951-1958?  Working on family genealogy history.
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  • Seeking records about James & Ellen Dermoody & family

    Good Afternoon, I am researching my family history and in desperate need of assistance. The information I have at hand is as follows:   James Dermoody Born Liverpool England 1821c Ellen Connor Born Ireland 1828...
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  • Seeking birth records of Elizabeth & William Mitchell

    I am seeking a birth record for Elizabeth Mitchell who was born in 1805 and her son, William Hampton Mitchell, who was born in June 1825. They lived in Georgia.
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  • Seeking manifest of Ship Trumball with NY arrival 8 May 1855

    Often times people from the same village traveled on board the same ships. I am seeking information about Jacob Ros and Lisette Ros who are recorded on the SS Trumball manifest as being from “Baden.” They ...
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  • Seeking shipping lists for Jamaica to Panama

    My grandfather who was born in Jamaica and went to Panama 1910 and 1913.  We've gone to Panama. Nothing! I don't think my grandfather was a laborer.  He was a literate man.  I have journal entries writt...
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  • Seeking Naturalization date for Charles Veigel

    I am looking for details of naturalization for Charles Gottleib Veigel who arrived in United States in 1889 please.
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  • Seeking parents of Joe A Webb

    Hello, I am working on my family tree using FamilySearch.org but I do not have free access to census records, etc.  I am trying to research my family tree but have not been able to find the parents of my grandfat...
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  • Seeking criminal documents of John Hosea Anderson

    I have been trying to find criminal documents in Indiana regarding my ancestor, John Hosea Anderson.  He was born 28 March 1879 and died 25 June  1954.  He was married to Mayme Welch.  He was a tra...
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  • Seeking 1910 Census Column Codes Key/Legend

    I need to find the legend or key for the column codes in the 1910 Census. Specifically, I'm interested in columns 29-32. Here is the specific citation for the one I'm interested in: Year: 1910; Census Place: Lafayette...
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  • Seeking Passenger List for ship Ehrenfels from Bremenhaven to Honolulu

    Where would I find a copy of the passenger list for the ship Ehrenfels sailed out of Bremen, Germany to Honolulu in 1883?
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  • Seeking Alien registration records

    Can I find records with name and alien registration number?
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