On Thursday March 23 at 2:00pm, John LeGloahec, a staff member from the Electronic Records Division, will offer a Know Your records presentation on "Dead Men (and Women) Sometimes do tell Tales: “Death Records from the Numerical Identification System” for Genealogical Research."  The presentation will be broadcast from the William G. McGowan Theater in the National Archives building in Washington DC and also available on the NARA YouTube channel.


The Numerical Identification Files, or NUMIDENT (National Archives Identifier 12004494), were transferred to the National Archives from the Social Security Administration and were made available for searching on NARA's Access to Archival Databases (AAD), because they are helpful to genealogists as these files contain names, birth, and death dates of deceased social security holders.  The NUMIDENT files are separated into three sets of records:

  • Death Records (National Archives Identifier 23845618)
  • Application (SS-5) Files (National Archives Identifier 23845613)
  • Claim Files (National Archives Identifier 23852747)

There is overlap between the three sets, in that a record for an individual may appear in one, two, or all three sets of records. The series contains records for every social security number (SSN) assigned to individuals with a verified death or who would have been over 110 years old by December 31, 2007. There are 49,459,293 death records in NUMIDENT covering the time period 1936 through 2007. When the records were transferred to the National Archives, there were twenty separate files, which were merged into nine files arranged by last name. At this time, only the Death Records are available for searching on AAD, but we are in the process of making the other two sets of records available in the near future.

32-3462a.gifIf you are interested in why Lyndon Johnson isn't in the NUMIDENT Death Records, but Gerald Ford is - or find out if Elvis is really dead, tune in Thursday March 23 for this KYR Presentation!B1865-20_a.jpg