On April 16 the By the People/Concordia web development team released several new features, including social share, "Resources", and an updated homepage!  We hope that you'll enjoy these new features, and find it easier to share pages with friends and fellow volunteers online.


Social Share


If you find something cool or interesting that you want to share with members of your Twitter or Facebook community or which you just want to copy to your clipboard and paste into a document or email you can now do this from the site in just a few easy clicks.



For example, I've found a page in the Letters to Lincoln Campaign that needs review. I carefully check the transcription and hit accept, and then I decide to share this page, which makes reference to conflict avoidance in a battle.



First I decide to share this with my Facebook friends and family, so I click the 'F' icon. This opens Facebook or prompts me to log in:

Next, I decide I want to share this page with my Twitter followers, so I click the bird icon.


Then, I decide I want to email this page to a historian friend of mine who boycotts all social media platforms, so I copy the link to the page I've transcribed by clicking the chain-link icon, which copies this link to my clipboard:






We've added a new tab in the menu bar: Resources. The resources page links to our "For Educators" page, includes detailed documentation for hosting a transcribe-a-thon in your community, and has some recently requested information on volunteering for school or community service credit.  We'll continue to add to this page as we build out our program.


Homepage and other content updates


You may have noticed some changes to the words we use on the homepage and our instructions pages.  The By the People Community Managers are undertaking a content review of all the words and images on the site to work toward clearer and friendlier language and make any changes needed since our October 2018 launch.  Look for more tweaks in the coming months and please share suggestions that would help us continue to improve the volunteer experience.