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1 Million Pages!

We reached a BIG milestone.

Thanks to our community of Citizen Archivists, more than ONE MILLION pages of records are now enhanced by citizen archivist contributions to the National Archives Catalog!

Animated gif of group of people cheering
US National Archives on Giphy. Source: America in Space - The First Decade, 1968. National Archives Identifier 45015

This goal is part of the National Archives Strategic Plan, 2018-2022, which was established as a way to Connect with Customers, encouraging the public to engage with their government and explore American history by contributing unique content to the National Archives Catalog.

All of your contributions—including tags, transcriptions and comments—help improve search results for our records and make handwritten or difficult-to-read text accessible for a wider audience.

Looking for records from a previous citizen archivist mission? Wondering what types of records we’ve featured in transcription missions recently?

Check out our new Mission History page to see what our community of citizen archivists have been working on lately!
We couldn't have made it to 1 million pages without our Citizen Archivists. A big thank you to our top contributors of all time!

1. smithal
2. lcahalan
3. gypsi
4. PhillipEverettBacon
5. Trumanvol
6. SPietro
7. SAO
8. Nightingale
9. MM2
10. DonnaDP

11. maileann


13. garywysocki

14. jammon49

15. tmccolle

16. Ceili

17. Conrad

18. bibliophile

19. dar4cubs

20. Groenblad

World War II poster of a woman reading a letter. Top says Thanks gang, for the swell job you're doin
World War II Posters, 1942 - 1945, 'Thanks, Gang, for the Swell Job You're Doin'". National Archives Identifier 514685

Let's keep moving to the next million! Check our latest citizen archivist missions and get started transcribing today. Every contribution you make helps unlock a piece of history.

New to the citizen archivist program? Learn how to register and get started.

Introducing the Presidential Library Explorer

You may remember the launch of our Record Group Explorer last year, a data visualization tool to help you navigate the universe of records held at the National Archives.

We are pleased to share our second next-generation finding aid: the Presidential Library Explorer!

Screenshot of William Clinton Presidential Library display

This tool is a new path into the digitized holdings of NARA’s Presidential Libraries, providing a browseable experience that complements the deep dive that search in the National Archives Catalog provides.

The Presidential Library Explorer provides a visual summary of each Library, featuring:

  • a compelling image from each Library at the top,
  • a bar that indicates the scanning progress for each Library,
  • portals for browsing records within each Library organized by format,
  • portals for descriptions that do not have scans online,
  • and a call to action for citizen archivists.
Screenshot of Presidential Library Explorer showing how to browse our records

Give our Presidential Library Explorer a try! We’d love to hear your feedback about how you may find this tool useful, and how we can further improve it.

The data powering the Presidential Library Explorer will be updated monthly, so check back to see what we have added and any changes we’ve made. Also stay tuned for future next-generation finding aid projects in the works!

Questions about Presidential Records?  Bring them to the Presidential Records community here on History Hub

Or share your presidential knowledge with other community members!

New in the Catalog

We love patents! Thousands of new patent drawings were added to this series that consists of patent drawings illustrating proposed inventions of various types of equipment containing mechanical components.

Utility Patent Drawings, 1837 - 1911

We are sure to have some aspiring citizen archivist inventors out there! Do these patent drawings inspire your creativity?

Patent drawing of improvement to knitting machine
H. Pease Improvement in Knitting-Machines, 6/25/1872. National Archives Identifier 177838873

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