• Looking for Osage Nation Indian roll for 1906

    Looking for Osage Nation Indian roll for 1906, specifically Hawkins tribal members.
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  • Info on each chief red wings

    My great great grandfather was Chief Red Wing.  I am trying to find out which one of the Chief Red Wings he is.  I know they had other names too.  It may be possible my great great grandfather was calle...
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  • Looking for images of the Menominee Treaty of September 3, 1836

    Hello, I'm looking for images of the treaty of September 3, 1836 between the Menominee tribe and the US Government. The agent of the US Government was Wisconsin Territory Governor Dodge, and Chief OshKosh was the prin...
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  • Seeking information about Millie Hill/Millie Elrod

    I'm trying to find information on my great grandmother Millie Elrod maiden name Millie K. Hill. There are so many variations in her birth dates on different census, one states abt 1871 and on her death certificate it ...
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  • Seeking Cherokee records of Parish Rivers Thaxton

    My grandfather was Parish Rivers Thaxton, 50% Cherokee on his mother's side. I would like more information on his Cherokee lineage. He lived in Oak Grover, LA.  His sons were Henry Don, Parish Rivers Jr. known as...
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  • Seeking Tribal membership of Nora Rodd

    Looking for information on Nora Rodd
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  • Seeking great-grandfather's name on Cherokee Indian lists

    I'm having trouble locating my great grandfather who was Cherokee Indian. I have his name, wife's, and children's names as well. Are there additional databases or lists I can search?  Thank you in advance.
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  • Seeking Haldimand Proclamation

    Hi, I am researching and looking for this document. Here is the information I have. Select Charters and other documents, American Archives, 4th ser.,1:172-75 Illustrative of American History, 1606-1775 ed. William McD...
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  • Seeking My Native American heritage

    I am of native american heritage and would like to find out what tribe my ancestors were. I do know that my ancestors lived in Quebec.
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  • Searching for my Indian ancestory

    I was told by my father James E. Lowe that our family has Black Foot Indian blood and from my mother, she said we also has Cherokee blood. How do I find out how true this is, my father has since passed, and my mother ...
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  • Seeking information on Great Grandmother

    So, my Grandfather's mom was a blind child, never attended school, but was on the Cherokee rolls at some point, and was born too early for birth records, How do I track her life?
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  • Seeking correct dates of birth & death of great uncle

    I am looking for information on my great uncle, Benito La Chappa. His father was Pedro La Chappa and mother was Carmalita Nejo from Campo Indian Reservation. I believe he was born in 1923 and died 1931. He needs a hea...
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  • Seeking Information on tribal objections to Gila River internment camp

    I am seeking information about the objections of the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and the Pee-Posh (Maricopa) tribes to the building of the Rivers (Canal and Butte) internment camp during WWII. The objections are menti...
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  • Seeking records of great, great, great grandmother

    Trying to find great, great great grandmother Sydney Parker born May 2, 1862 and died March 3, 1944 in Mississippi
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  • Seeking copy of treaty between Chiricahua Apache Indian Tribe & U.S. Government

    Can anyone tell me how I can get a copy of the treaty that was signed between the U.S. Government and the Chiricahua Apache Indian Tribe during the late 1880's?
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  • Seeking field reports of California Indian agents 1844-1860

    I'm looking to confirm a statement made in the book "The Boys in the Sky Blue Pants" by Dorothy Clora Cragen that an area in Inyo County, California "was set aside for Indians on which whites were not allowed to settl...
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  • Look for photo of Alice Lee Jemison

    Researcher looking for photos of Alice Lee Jemison, Seneca Indian activist and journalist in 1930s. Thank you
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  • Trying to Identify tribe

    I am trying to identify the tribe my gggrandmother was from. I have a rough idea of where she was from, but no records.  I did find a birth certificate for her daughter which lists the daughter as “Indian a...
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  • How to find the names of people living in early MS towns?

    My ancestor named Bob Tubbee (or Tubby) lived in Six Towns (or Bogue Chitto) Mississippi, just before the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. He did not leave the Indian Village and lived in both Neshoba and Kemper counti...
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  • Seeking Apache Records of Relatives

    How do I go about finding records of mother and grandfather who are Apache?
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