A series of occasional posts, where we let our former colleagues "tell their story".


    My story? Well, a lot of it is about getting things from here to there.


    I was born in Atlanta, and then our family moved to Kansas. I worked my way up to become a special messenger

    in the Governor's Office, if you can believe it.


                                    Story about Caldwell, Afro-American Newspaper, Oct. 1, 1932.bmp

                                      The Afro-American, October 1, 1932



    My family and I moved to Washington, and I took up working for the Archives in '36.

    When you've got endorsements from governors, that can certainly help put you where you want to be!


                                     NA Building - Caldwell, Hiram O..jpg

                                        NAID 12091064




   Working around here, it was always "Get this there as quick as possible!" We had a pretty good staff, though;

    we didn't put up with any slacking off. There was even a piece about the mail staff for our newsletter:


                     Archiviews, May 1948 - Story about Mail Room Staff.jpg

                        "Archiviews," May 1948 (from NAID 7839999)



   But I had left that job by the time this article came out. For my last several years at the Archives, I was an

   Archives Assistant in the War Records Branch, working under Dr. Dallas Irvine.


   I made to my 70th year in 1951, and by then I was ready to settle back in Topeka with Marguerite.

   Dr. Grover gave me a nice farewell party.


                                          Archiviews, December 1951 - Retirement of Mr. Caldwell, p. 2.jpg

                                             "Archiviews," December 1951, page 2 (from NAID 7839999)



                        64-NA-1-142 Dr. Grover Congratulates Hiram O. Caldwell Upon His Retirement, Nov. 30, 1951.jpg

                           64-NA-1-142 (NAID 12167417)


                         "Dr. Wayne Grover, Archivist of the U.S., presided at a farewell ceremony for Mr. Hiram O. Caldwell,

                         Archives Assistant, who retired Friday, November 30, 1951 after 15 years of Government Service.

                         Mrs. Caldwell was also at the ceremony."


                        64-NA-1-139 Hiram O. Caldwell and Family with Dr. Grover, at His Retirement, Nov. 30, 1951.jpg

                          64-NA-1-139 (NAID 12167411)


                                     Mr. Caldwell, wife Marguerite, and daughters Barbara and Annette, with Dr. Grover.



        It was so nice to see all my old colleagues there.


                         64-NA-1-143 Well Wishers Greet Hiram O. Caldwell at His Retirement Ceremony, Nov. 30, 1951.jpg              

                            64-NA-1-143 (NAID 7873496)


                                                Staff members greet Mr. Hiram O. Caldwell at his retirement ceremony.

                                                Mrs. Caldwell and their daughters speak with Dr. Grover, at right.



   All the work for all those years was worth it; helped my family grow and thrive, and do some good in the world.


   My Marguerite made a wonderful legacy for herself, too. Here is some of the story of her life.



                          from Findagrave.com


                                             The Caldwells' headstone at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Topeka, Kansas