Help identifying Captain, Colonel, and location - Revolutionary War Pension files

Hi, I am working on this document: NAID: 196562517, image/page 31

In the last item listing Ephraim Sampson's service on this page, I cannot read the name of the Captain, Colonel or the location named that he marched to. 

1) In looking up Colonels in the Massachusetts line, there is a listing for a Colonel Whitcomb, but this document reads "Litcomb" so this could be an error of the original document.  Can anyone confirm or add context if there is a Colonel Litcomb or if this is most likely Whitcomb?

2) I cannot read this Captain's name.  My best guess is: "Jesse Stuterant".  If I knew for sure the Colonel of the Regiment, I could probably find the Captains names, but without the Colonel, I don't know where to start looking for this name.

3)  This line notes a march to an "[illegible initial] island" in April 1777.  Can anyone decipher the initial? And if you know what island this is referring to, I will include it in the comments of the document.

Thank you!

  • Reading through it, there are other corrections to be made.  As follows:  you questioned marching, but marching is correct; Capt. name is Thomas Turner in 2nd paragraph; 3rd paragraph you questioned  2, but I read it as 2; 4th paragraph, Briston is Bristol (probably a typo?); last paragraph, name is Jesse Sturtivant's  and R. Island is correct.