Is there a way to quickly/easily locate pages on which search terms appear?

In the old catalog, when a search term was found on a certain page in a file/document by OCR, a small box appeared in the corner of the document itself listing the pages on which the search term appeared. I've been told that in the new catalog, the only way to possibly locate OCR hits for your search term is to scroll through the entire filmstrip and look for pages highlighted in green. While this would be fine for shorter documents, in a 1,000-page file, it's quite impractical to scroll through the entire filmstrip and hope you catch the highlighted image. 

What's more, documents that I previously navigated using the OCR search-term hit box no longer seem to pick up the search term using OCR. For context, I'm usually working with RG 242. Let's say I search the word "Krakau." In the old catalog, this might return a military document, and the OCR hits box might list 30 pages on which my term was found. In the new catalog, when I perform the same search, I scroll through the filmstrip and don't see any pages highlighted to indicate that my term has been found on that page. I've checked to ensure that "highlight text" is selected in the Options->Page Settings that appears on the top right of the screen.

Is there any way to obtain something similar to the OCR functionality of the old catalog, specifically with regard to locating the page on which your search term appears?