Mislabeled "Transcription Available":

I am transcribing Chinese Exclusion Act Case File 2500/144 Ng Wing Yin - 1911 - [INS office] Boston.

This URL    https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7798286?contributionId=007b7fad-05da-485b-a52b-db4e9e665bd3&objectPage=8   indicates there is a "Trancription Available";

however, this URL    https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7798286?contributionId=007b7fad-05da-485b-a52b-db4e9e665bd3&objectPage=8&objectPanel=transcription   shows there is no transcription.

I checked a sampling in the 148 page document - in each instance it was the same - a transcription was indicated , but no transcription was present.