"voices of vista" - what next

I have some 100 of the transcription records in this series and am trying to work out what to do with them.

I have a spreadsheet with the records I know about and would like to complete that using whatever government archives are available.

I know quite a bit from old newspaper cuttings and other sources about this Office Of Economic Opportunity program which started circa 1965.

I can pretty easily create digital versions of the records. I am considering where to put the digital files, archive.org - youtube or somewhere else.

Has anyone done anything like this? When I'm done asides from selling off the records, many still in there original boxes(they were shipped in sets of four or five, with music release sheets, is this something the government would be interest in or do they already have a collection?

  • If I understand you correctly - you have transcriptions of the Voices of Vista programs that you would like to donate by uploading the text to the National Archives Catalog? While Voices of Vista is something that we have at the National Archives, the sound recordings have not yet been digitized and added to the Catalog.  As a result you are unable to copy and paste the transcriptions into the transcription panel for these records. Please contact the reference staff in the Motion Picture and Sound Branch if you have any questions about these records or want to know when the recordings will be added to the Catalog - mopix@nara.gov


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

  • Thanks for taking time to answer.

    More accurately I have acquired through collection over 100 of the transcription vinyl records. I can easily digitize the sound recordings on the records. I was wondering if, instead of digitizing them and keeping them private, if there was some way in which I can donate or make these sound recordings more widely available apart from just posting on youtube as videos and archive.org.

    I have digitized rare vinyl sound recordings before, some of which have been made into commercial releases. 
    I will though contact mopix@nara.gov - I would though like to find out more about the original program.