Helpful Tool for Incomplete Pages

Hello!  I'm sure that most of you know this, but it hasn't been mentioned.  I've been using the wonderful Incomplete Spreadsheets that have now been created, but I was wondering about those FEATURED LISTINGS on the Mission Page.  One in particular caught my eye.  The 3rd file down.  I was curious so went in and saw that there were 340 pages.  Ugh, How long would it take to go page by page to see which ones were incomplete?  I hid the Show Details button and all of the pages opened up.  As I scrolled down, I noticed all the checkmarks.  Lo and behold, the only one without a checkmark was page 273, it hand an x.  And it was typing!  So quickly just used Note to OCR the text and pasted it back in.  Now that file is done.  So if it's not on the spreadsheet, Just press the Show Details button and you can find it faster.  Hopefully that file will fall off the main page!

Hopefully this helps at least one person...Mona