Can I enter multiple tags at once?

I've just transcribed a document with a tremendous number of named individuals.  I'd like to take the transcription text and edit and format it so I could copy and paste the names into the tags submission field and enter all of them at once, or as many as possible at a time.   

Can more than one tag be entered at a time? 

If more than one can be entered at a time, is there a maximum number of tags you can enter at one time?  Would a comma or other symbol be used to delimit each tag? 

  • Thank you for your question.  You need to add multiple tags one at a time.  In the previous version of the Catalog you could add tags delineated by comas.  However we heard feedback from our users that they wanted to use comas in their tags and it was impossible to do when comas delineated tags.

    Please remember when adding tags, you should add the tag on the page where it occurs so that users know where to find it.  If you have already transcribed the name, it is searchable already and a tag of the same name may be redundant. In the coming weeks we will be adding a page highlighting feature that will indicate which page a search term is found on and will improve the search experience.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog