Can anyone assist me with using the software.

I transcribed a page in full and saved it. When I returned to edit my work the document is not shown in full and it doesn't look like the format I used in the transcription.

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  • We're happy to help.  Please provide the URL of the page where you encountered the error. 

    Most likely you encountered a Publish and Close error. The transcription contributed has been saved. Our developers are working to fix this error and they will restore the transcription. Once it is restored you will be able to transcribe again. If this error happened to you after you transcribed, you can move to another transcription. If you find a blank transcription with a username at the top, please find another page to transcribe.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

  • I work around the program.  I download the pages onto my computer then work on them with my word processing program (I happen to have Word).  When I am done transcribing them onto that document, I go back to the actual archive image, open up the transcription box and copy and paste my work to it.  Then save it.  One and done.  If you try to transcribe while you are in the National Archive program, it will not allow you to type with any speed.  If you go over the "speed limit", it locks up and you lose all your transcription.