Font size of text.

Is there a way we can have control over diminishing and enlarging the font size of the text we are transcribing?  Sometimes the words are too small to make out.  When I enlarge them, they get too big and the ends of the sentences are blocked by the transcription field. Then I have to keep manipulating the text with each sentence.  We need a way to be more precise in enlarging text. 

  • Thank you for your question about the zoom function in the image viewer.  Unfortunately, some records have been digitized at a dpi that will not allow for further zooming.  You could download the page, adjust it to the size you need and place it beside the Catalog.  This may help you with transcription.  We have heard feedback about the need for a more precise zoom function and it is something we're looking into for future Catalog development.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog