publish and close still grayed out

I hoped the updated system would elevate this bug. I use Chrome and Safari and cannot do more than a page without losing the following transcription. Additionally, I check each page while typing to ensure the Publish and Save button is green. Sometimes, it goes grey before I finish, losing the entire document. Though I appreciate the answers from the National Archives staff that the team is working on the issue, I have yet to see it resolved. This issue has plagued me for over a year, diminishing my enthusiasm to transcribe. I'll check back again soon.  I look forward to an email stating it's resolved. 

  • I'm sorry to hear that you are still experiencing this bug.  This error started in January 2023, shortly after the launch of the new Catalog.  It is random and not all of our users experience it, but it is very frustrating.  The fix is more complicated than we had expected and it will require several different fixes and new code development within the Catalog code before it is resolved.  Our developers have found, thanks to the autosave feature, anything that you contribute when this error occurs can be restored.  Each week they are restoring a number of transcriptions.

    - If you transcribe and see your user name a the top, but a blank transcription field - it has been saved and will be restored.

    - If you want to transcribe and see a blank transcription field, but a user name at the top - it has encountered the Publish and Save error and it will be restored.  Please find a new page to transcribe.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

  • Kate 

    This may not be a fix for your problem, but what has worked for me is finish typing the page you are working on and if the publish and save button is unable to click on it then get your mouse and right click the whole page that you just transcribed and then another box will pop up and click save. then go to your task bar and refresh it and yes it might seem that you lost all your work but fear not when everyrhing comes back up after the refresh the put your cursor on the blank page and right click again and click paste. and there you go . all your hard work is not lost.