Workaround for the This transcription cannot be edited at this time error

While the developers work on a permanent fix, we can suggest this workaround:

Please note: this will only work for a transcription that does not have a user's name in the top header of the transcription panel.  It will not work as a workaround for a page that previously encountered an error.  Use this only if you run into it on a fresh page.

Click on Transcription and then Start Transcribing:

Check to see if the message - This transcription cannot be edited at this time is present at the bottom of the transcription panel:

If it is, click Close X

Click on Transcription again for the same page


It will open a transcription panel that does not have the error message at the bottom.  You should be able to transcribe, then Publish and Close

We thank you for your continue patience.


Community Manager, National Archives Catalog