Tagging JFK Assassination Records

I have been tagging the Mark Lane section of JFK Assassination Records Collection, and there are multiple copies of each day's testimony available. If one copy of a transcript is tagged, will the other copies of the same transcript be tagged automatically? My concern is I'm spending a lot of time on one copy when others from the same day show no tags. If someone accesses a different copy than the one I tagged, all my work will be for naught. Is there an easy way to get tags to apply to all copies of the same transcript? Thank you.

  • Thank  you for your question.  We have information in our Resources section guide What Makes a Good Tag.  A tag that concerns the entire record, should be placed on the description (see below), a tag that concerns something that appears on a particular page only, should go on that page.

    Here's the section you will find in What Makes a Good Tag:

    Where should you add these tags?

    Tags can be added to individual pages or images.  

    Begin by clicking on Tags, then add your tag in the contribution box. When adding tags to individual pages, consider tags that identify concepts, topics or individuals found on that particular page. Tagging on individual pages will help researchers identify exactly where in the record information related to that tag is found.


    Tags can also be added to the Catalog description. This contribution box is found towards the bottom of the description. The best tags to add here are tags that represent the entire record. 


    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog


  • I read the tag information before I began, but it did not address my question. My question concerns the fact that you offer multiple copies of the exact same document. I am trying to determine if tagging one copy will suffice. I don't need an answer now because I've finished the Mark Lane transcripts. I think my tagging days are over, but I hope I have made a small contribution to the JFK Collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I'm sorry that I did not understand your question.  For multiple identical records, tagging one would be sufficient.  Typically we suggest that transcription is best for textual records and tagging best for photographs and graphic images. You may find that you enjoy tagging photographs where you tag details and features found in the image.  It helps unlock the features found in the image to researchers in a Catalog search.  You can find a tagging mission of West Point Military Academy photographs towards the bottom of the Mission History page.


    Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

  • Thank you for that suggestion. My husband is affiliated with West Point, so I will look at that photograph collection and consider tagging. Best wishes!