Tutorials on using card catalog

(I asked a similar question in HistoryHub prior to the upgrades to the card catalog. This was pre-pandemic.)

I will get an answer from an archivist that a "series" has Records or files and can be viewed onlne using the Catalog. My last respnse from HistoryHub suggested I use quotation marks and to type the name of the unit I'm researching. Two questions:

1. Is there a "cheat sheet" of search operators like the quotation marks to help with searches? Or maybe a tutorial on searching NARA? I found a couple of videos on YouTube but they start out with a disclaimer about how confusing and circular research can be in the catalog. Is there a training tutorial for archivists that can be shared with the public?

2. Similar to the search operators, is a question about entering search terms and in my case the names of military units. Do I search for USS TRIGGER, TRIGGER, or SS-564...all are names of the same Navy ship. What about command headquarters? Like COMSUBPAC? Or should I search just SUBPAC?