Looking for information Thomas Polite a slave in South Carolina

He was born in approximately 1835 an was a slave in South Carolina. He married Betty Polite who was also a slave birthdate unknown.  They had 4 children. Hamlet, Nelly, John, Painter all Polite 


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    To find records documenting Thomas Polite, you will need to identify his enslavers (the slaveholding family that "owned" him) and research any records pertaining to and generated by them. Keep in mind that legally slaves were considered part of their owners’ property, and any documentation of their lives will be scattered among the records of the business transactions of their owners. So you will need to determine where the various property records of his owners are held. These types of records are usually held on the county level. The relevant type documentation typically consisted of items such as probate records, vital records, tax records, and various types of documents found in the court order books and county deed books (bills of sale, deeds of gift, mortgages, records of importation and manumissions). Once you identify the location of the owners’ records in South Carolina, you will be able to find whatever documentation exists on him while he was enslaved.

    As far as potentially relevant national repositories, the Library of Congress may be the most useful for your research. The Library of Congress houses a microfilm collection called "The Records of Antebellum Southern Plantations." This collection consists of old plantation records that the Library of Congress was able to gather from various states. Also, unlike the National Archives, the Library of Congress houses published materials, including old newspapers.

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