Pre-Rosenwald African-American schools in Texas from 1865 - 1900, particularly near Houston or Jefferson

I am looking for any pictures, illustrations, letters, memories, or records related to rural African American schools in Texas post-manumission to the turn of the century. My family settled near Jefferson, Texas in 1870, moved to Hockley, Texas, in 1885, and then eventually to Houston by 1907. I would like information on what kind of schools they would have attended in their rural communities, but any specific information on a rural African American school in Texas before the era of Rosenwald schools would be helpful. 


    Thanks for posting your query on History Hub.

    It is possible that some relevant records may be available in the Freedmen's Bureau records that are now available online, but these will only consist of various forms of correspondence associated with the initial establishment of some schools. It is highly unlikely that any pictures or illustrations would be among those records.

    In regards to the other record groups that we house at the National Archives (only Federal records), it is unlikely that we will have records relevant to your research. Most of what you need will likely be housed somewhere on the local or state level in Texas, or in private collections.

    Hopefully, a fellow community member on this site may be familiar with potential sources or records relating to the early education of African Americans in Texas.


    Archives 1 Reference Branch (RR1R)

  • Thank you so much! I did find some relevant records in Freedmen's Bureau and also in the papers. If anyone has an idea for a good place to search for a private collection or the best way to look at Familysearch, I would love to hear that.