African American Feminists/Abolitionists in Upstate New York in 1848

Hello History Hub Community!

I'm currently working on a paper for a research history class. The class topic is abolitionism, and I wanted to focus my paper on the abolitionists at the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848. From the research I've done already, I noticed that Frederick Douglass was the only African American there. I thought that was curious that so famous a person was there, but also since the convention itself featured many prominent abolitionists. Surely if the feminist and abolitionist movements were so closely tied, more African American abolitionists/feminists would be in attendance. Naturally, because of the short notice given, attendance was limited to those in the upstate New York area. My question is why was Frederick Douglass the only African American there and why was that the case? My concern is where I could start finding these answers. Where to search and stuff like that. I'm not used to researching history in such a formal way, so any help would be greatly appreciated.